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Going under

(Apologies to those of you who are expecting me to talk about game development =P)

Easting’s recount of a near-death experience intrigued me – I had something similar where a dentist gave me too much gas and found it difficult to wake me, and I had this insane repeating dream. Infact, I can even show you a part of it: It was this TV ident repeating and repeating, but melting instead of dissolving (like easting described), and and finished with Zippy from Rainbow saying “Buhbye everybody”. After a while Tigger and Roo bounced into the scene and started waving goodbye too. What I remember most lucidly was thinking “But I don’t WANT to leave” and struggling against … something. I woke up just in time to fully experience one of the nurses vigorous slaps, and a hearty round of “why did you do that?” and “don’t ever do that again”.

More specifically, the last time I spoke to someone else who’d had a similar anaesthesis experience, he described a similar melting dream too, but in his dream he was in a bath tub watching the water run out. Somehow he was watching the final mini-whirlpool swirl around the plughole, and he knew that when it finally went, it would take him with it, but the vision would melt and run again, until he finally struggled back.

I’m fascinated by the similarities; are the visuals part of the process or are they just a side-effect. It’s easy to think that the visuals as your subconscious trying to tell you to wake up, but I’m more inclined to think that the state is so similar to sleep that the normal REM systems kick in and in a way expose the wiring underneath .. But somewhere in there, whether chemically, electrically or with near-conscious level of signals, something is saying “hey we shouldn’t be this asleep” or “too much sleep chemical, send new drugs before we have a shutdown!”