I’m linked!

Somehow I made the links over at brokentoys. I met several of the Mythic team when I was at AGC last year. I have to admit suffering a slight dose of hero-worship and probably making a complete ass of myself, tho – only made worse by Sanya remembering my DAoC Player Wishlist.

Sanya probably thought I was some kind of stalker after a while tho ;). Actually, I was just hoping to meet Marc. We spoke on the phone one time and we seemed to have moved in similar circles back in the good old TW2k days; I did some work on TW along with Russel Miranda (anyone know what happened to him?)

Speaking of whom reminds me … Anyone know what happened to Bengt Hellstrom (of the Amiga community), Jon Radoff (StarNet/Paragon BBS), or the Plug ‘Ole BBS (was it Manchester or Birmingham, I can’t recall).