Whats wrong with this code?

Another day, another patch

I hate patch days.

However well it’s going to go, something is going to go wrong, and I have enough of a perfectionist streak in me that it drives me nuts. Some things went swimmingly – code and data seemed to come together, but inevitably the release version behaves differently than the release candidate in small but irksome ways. We seem to have murdered performance on some people’s systems, especially high end systems, and improved it on others. I have hunches as to what might cause it but I neither know our client code nor the windows threading model well enough to be able to expound them intelligently.

The NT compatability thing seems to make gameplay smoother at the cost of making it take longer, sometimes infinitely, to load in textures for, oh, little things like enemy troops or planes.

Today is going to be another fun-filled, excitement charged day of … bringing the training server up to 1.19, with the joy-joy prospect of tomorrow having to build the event server. There are some cool elements of 1.19 which will really play to the event server, but which probably mean all the existing automation and event management tools don’t work.

Right now, what I particularly want to do is put my head on my desk and find out if it’s a viable pose to sleep in for about 2-3 hours. I have this hunch that I sleep too long (8 hours if I can), but whenever I try sleeping for just 6 hours I feel great for about 5-10 days and then suddenly keel over. Kind of difficult to figure it out when you have no “feeling” of tiredness.

Font Size… Yeah, it’s too small in some resolutions, and too big in others, Gophur and I have been driving Rickb crazy with our lack-of-cluedness trying to relate what the issue is. Rick’s recommended solution is a bigger font size. Personally I’m not crazy about the font. I’d love to have some font options, but I really don’t fancy spending days looking at fonts. If any of you have true-type fonts you’d like to recommend, post a link in a comment to the licensing page (free or otherwise).