Ramp says browser in game by Friday

Dolphins discover fire at 8.


Browser in game? What does that mean? Explain! :)


you mean i can engage in inane offtopic discussions while pwning the hun?

A browser in general or just a way to browse stats?

Browser in game?

If you mean webbrowser, interesting, but useful, not? Well, you can talk on offtopic while your defending a depot I suppose. Having an in game card game to play would be more useful though. More immersive and historical too.

CSR stats?

Ramp + browser = has to be CSR. Would be cool if you could use it while spawned in so you don’t have to alt-tab back and forth. With the recent silencing of footsteps it’s easy to miss ei running into depots.

“Dolphis discover fire” ?

Ah, you mean submarines!

Or ingame football.

I dunno, I read that as along the lines of “when pigs fly”. :)



I think he’s talking about the growing practice of burning dolphins; abhored by PETA supporters everywhere, the recent upswing in marine mammal abuse involving fire has given the PETA movement cause for action.

/wierdness off.

OK Oliver, spill it! Is it a bad anagram or what?

Umm, I think he’s implying that Ramp getting a CSR results browser into the game by Friday is as likely as Dolphins discovering fire (which, given their operating medium, is reasonably unlikely). And I’d assume that “… at 8” is a TV news reference, although the classic format is usually “…, film at 11”.

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