Damion Schubert’s take is far more interesting…

and he can write, too.

Be sure and check out his Vegas talk from last years AGDC.

Dan Rubenfield on instances

One of the real spoilers in MMORPGs happens when the game clicks for you and you get a great group and game going. You're fighting really hard battles and barely keeping your group alive and together, everyone is nervously watching that mass of goblins just inches outside of agro range. Tension and fun are really high. And then some level 60 flounces along and takes out the goblins in two strokes. (Or in WWII terms finding a reallygreat infantry battle only to have a friendly tank arrive and annihilate all the EI in one long burst).

On the other hand, too much instancing can make it hard to get a group. How many friendships form – never mind groups – from two people failing to kill or wanting to take out the same mob?

Tabula Endor?

Is it me or does the planets/scenes in the new Tabula Rasa trailer look like they were maybe thinking to be a starwars bounty hunter game? I'd forgotten I'd downloaded this trailer, and the first pat I caught was the foresty planet at the start. My immediate impression was "Endor, are those supposed to be mutant ewoks? Are these bounty hunters?" Obviously its not a starwars game, but as the trailer went on, I couldn't quite shake the feeling…