Tabula Endor?

Is it me or does the planets/scenes in the new Tabula Rasa trailer look like they were maybe thinking to be a starwars bounty hunter game? I'd forgotten I'd downloaded this trailer, and the first pat I caught was the foresty planet at the start. My immediate impression was "Endor, are those supposed to be mutant ewoks? Are these bounty hunters?" Obviously its not a starwars game, but as the trailer went on, I couldn't quite shake the feeling…

One Comment

Richard keeps talking about how he’s trying so many new features for this MMO. He’s basically claiming that his MMO is ‘outside the box’ of regular MMO’s. However, the website goes into nothing really about how the game will play and what makes it so different.

So far I can only see that he intends to do away, somehow, with the grind, and that everyone can shoot guns.

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