Bored cat.

Watched Aeon Flux, Serenity, Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. Albertsons delivered around midday. Snoozed on the sofa. I totally managed to avoid doing any coding or game playing. Feels goooood.

Apparently I failed to avoid firing up the laptop tho.

Tried to pet the cat who has been sulking since. Poor thing is bored. She’s scared of noisy toys and big toys. Doesn’t like her little mouse-on-a-wheel toy, she’s gotten lazy about chasing “string” (thanks, Hoof, it lasted a good while).

For a while she seemed to enjoy playing with my hand, but she would always get upset when she hurt me – i.e. often (sharp, sharp claws). I bought a feather on a stick, she seems to be afraid of that. She used to be an outdoor cat, so this has all been a bit of a hit on her. And since she’s started losing interest in the few things I’d found that amused her, she’s gotten more grouchy.

Any bright ideas? (Other than: “skin her”, “feed her to a croc”, “feed her to the neighbors dog”, “don’t feed her”, “feed on her”, “get a dog”, “get a croc”, “crossbreed a dog and a croc to make the swimming death-dog”, etc…)

It finally dawned on Brad that Microsoft had WoW in their eyes…

I've expressed my surprize a number of times at the fact that Brad was expecting to resurrect The Vision at Microsoft, when Microsoft had to be looking to Brad either to help learn from watching him repeat his mistakes over again, or to bring them MS-WoW.

It's really hard to fathom what this means, though.