The new new doctor who…

Just watched the first couple of episodes of 2006 Dr Who. Episode #1 has a gratingly cheesey re-use of characters from the prior series, even down to some stages that are glargingly obvious re-uses. But then it sort of works because you wind up thinking "that wasn't as bad as I expected". Episode 2 was far more "Whoy" than I can remember since Tom Baker.

I've just gotten done watching it and I found myself thinking "Coo, now I wanna see episode 3".

Meanwhile I'm downloading Kubuntu and Damn Small Linux. DSL interests me for the fact it will run as an application under Windows, I gotta see that, and for the fact that it does make a fairly good candidate for a USB-drive bootable OS.

Success and failure in PvP gaming

Its my opinion that "English" describes a language wherein the word for things like red, blue, green etc is "colour", that cars are fueled by "petrol", water comes out of "taps" and that we protect baby's nether regions with a "nappy".

Jeez, its 2.30am

I've wasted 3 hours trying to work out how to install nVidia drivers for Fedora Core 5. I coulda saved myself a lot of time by reading the sticky at the top of the nVidia forums.

I'm pretty sure I've stipulated no OpenOffice installation. Appears someone, somewhere, has decided that something depends on it tho. I'm becoming slowly disgruntled with Fedora over things like this.

Wasn't there a Linux distro that was doing user studies?

Fighting the impulse to buy a Mac is getting harder and harder…