Last weekend I stumbled across a very promising looking trivial network library, Muses. The author, Paolo Gatti, had a couple of other projects running, but they all sort of fizzle around June 2001. Anyone have any experience with the library or any idea how to get in touch with the author?

C.J.Cherryh and Joss Whedon

One thing that bugs me about Firefly/Serenity was how much like Buffy some of the sets looked. The kitchen is nearly cool with the aircraft-style food units. But then they have it all set up like a country kitchen. In Serenity, the ship falls out of the sky, and goes into a crazy spin while all the crew struggle to strap in. Near the kitchen. Near all those knives, loose cutlery, high-velocity processed peas.

C J Cherryh makes a very tolerable low-tech spin to her high-tech, a practicality. People actually live on the ships, but the ships don't have dampening fields, so all the trekky glamor is gone.

I think Joss Whedon could do an absolutely fantastic job of serializing "Foreigner" for TV. Or the Morgaine Saga. Or at least I think there are elements of the their two styles that would gel together very well and make for excellent viewing…