C.J.Cherryh and Joss Whedon

One thing that bugs me about Firefly/Serenity was how much like Buffy some of the sets looked. The kitchen is nearly cool with the aircraft-style food units. But then they have it all set up like a country kitchen. In Serenity, the ship falls out of the sky, and goes into a crazy spin while all the crew struggle to strap in. Near the kitchen. Near all those knives, loose cutlery, high-velocity processed peas.

C J Cherryh makes a very tolerable low-tech spin to her high-tech, a practicality. People actually live on the ships, but the ships don't have dampening fields, so all the trekky glamor is gone.

I think Joss Whedon could do an absolutely fantastic job of serializing "Foreigner" for TV. Or the Morgaine Saga. Or at least I think there are elements of the their two styles that would gel together very well and make for excellent viewing…


Yeah, but Joss is clearly coming at it from a non-“hard”-sf angle. He doesn’t care about the underlying physics, he just wants to wave his hands and say “erm grav-field… thingy” and get on with the story.

Never read any CJ Cherryh – I might have to look some up.

Downbelow Station” is a fairly good entry into her sci-fi Universe, follow that with Merchanter’s Luck, Cyteen — you’ll have to do a little research to figure out what order you want to read the glut of alliance/union books.

I started out with the “Chanur Saga” on the recommendation of a friend, with the caveat that I understood she’d been forced to split it into 3 books by her publisher who wasn’t truly convinced a woman could sell sci-fi, let alone something longer than a novella. (It’s from the same year as StarWars, but pre-SW).

If you’ve read any Iain M Banks and liked the grit of his darker books, you might want to consider starting with “Heavy Time“.

Out of curiosity, have you read any of the Honnor Harrington books?

I find they have more science in them (certainly, Weber loves to drop into rattling off the math behind a long-range missile duel), with not too much waving of hands to just make it work.

I’ve got a few of Cherryh’s books, read them but found them somewhat unfocused in a way. There seemed to be this assumption I’d just know the universe, so nothing was explained to me in sidenotes or exposition, and I had to pick up the world as I went. I don’t mind too much of that, but it does make it harder for me to get immersed because I sit there puzzling over some new unexplained twist. :)

Yeah, it depends on where you enter the books, they’re not a series per-se, but they’re also not unrelated. Down Below Station is your best entry point in that sense. Followed by Merchanter’s Luck, Tripoint, Cyteen…

She’s also written some relatively stand-alone books like The Fading Sun trilogy – which is one of the few books I’ve read more tha nonce – and the Foreigner series (about a ship that misjumps rather badly, and is forced to find someplace to settle, pooches that really badly, and winds up stranded around an inahbited planet with a fairly “predictable” look, humans, but different twist, that turns out to be very much less predictable than you anticipate :)

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