Dang, another hot fight

Again playing Allied, this time at Zundert. I spawned in and nearly despawned because it looked like a done deal. Hundreds of infantry charging the town. But the Axis had done the smart thing and set up a defense, and they made us pay… That fight is all one big blur, spawn, progress 10 feet, die, respawn, progress 15 feet, die, respawn, try 20 feet in a different direction… Damn…

Finally it seemed like we'd broken the back of the defenses, facilities started to fall. But the Axis kicked back hard, and the attack faltered. The attackers split up into rambos and the Axis just picked us off. I managed to find a secluded spot in a ruined building and kill a dozen or so grey devils, but the High Commands realized that we were putting the attacking towns in peril, so when the last UMS died, they pulled the attack. Like a few others I stayed behind until a truck came to pull us out, and we high tailed it to bag our kills.

Then I shifted south… Spawned in at Givet, we had a meagre toe hold on the west bank. The bridge was down, and the Axis hadn't yet started thinking about where they were parking. Mostly there were just lining up at the end of the bridge like some kind of parade.

The Axis were frantically trying to rebuild the bridge, and the armor formation that looked foolish to us at first worked perfectly in enabling them to rebuild the bridge. Now things heated up. I'd managed to sneak into a position right by the end of the bridge and exchange fire with the occasional "soft" target foolish enough not to conceal itself thoroughly behind their end of the bridge.

After a while several other troopers joined me, but with so much heavy fire we couldn't stop the axis making the bridge usable again, and no sooner was it up than the grenades started flying. Smoke, potatoe mashers, pineapples… We held the bridge for 15 minutes, and the Axis didn't dare roll a thing across it. But finally we started having to fall back for ammo and medical assistance… I rolled out from the FB in an M4A2 but by the time I reached town the fight had started to peter out.

I spent a good 15 minutes taking out long range sappers trying to catch me, got a 2.8km kill on a p3h, a 2km kill on a flak 36, and engaged and hit a group of tier 3 armor climbing the hill south towards Vireaux, but had to retreat when I ran out of ammo…

Tonight, I'm gonna play Axis I think :)