Hard slog

Day #5 of serious CTHL issues. Part of the confusion is that to a player the game either runs or it doesn't. When you're playing and it stops, it's annoying. Nobody should ask players to be software engineers, at least not while they're playing a WWII action game. But that means that we need to be gathering data to help us diagnose the problem. But to instrument up a client for that would be painful – and clearly it's not something that you catch in a beta environment when all the instrumentation is turned on.

That doesn't narrow it down. Right now I'm trying to find trends in which players are unable to stay connected. We've isolated a number of causes which did appear to be affecting people, but clearly there is something in there  still causing a problem. In the case of the CTHLs I've observed it seems to be connection starvation, although the client usually reconnects without problems…

Most frustratingly we've been unable to recreate it, so we have been unable to analyze it happening in an instrumented environment, or even a monitored environment.

No updates here

Don't take the lack of updates here on the game issues to mean that nothing is happening. This is my blog. I don't post that stuff here. Plus I've been pretty busy with actually working on the stuff so my blog comes a definite 3rd place to working and forum posting.