D-Day (Doc is back)

So I'll be returning to my (mainly) lurker status on the forums. To be fair to Geoff, I have the luxury of only answering questions about things I actually work on. I can give you details that Doc can't because I only answer questions about the work I've done or have worked on. Unless you count over-the-shoulder looks or "omg look at this" emails, Doc's never seen a line of game code – just like I've never seen a line of damage model files or weapon belts. If you ask Doc about how the strat host works, he'll try and get the information and humanise it. Me, I'll tell you I'm a coder so here's the coding explanation, like it or lump it.

I haven't even tried to do a fraction of what Doc does, so give him a little more credit. It may be rough love, but I think its easy to forget that Doc is speaking "for" rather than "as" sometimes. We don't have a half dozen team leads to provide letters to the players, we have Doc trying to fill that gap. Doc undoubtedly knows a hell of a lot more about the game than I do or ever will. I've only touched on topics which I am somewhat more intimately familiar.