Group quests in EQ2

I struggled with EQ2 at first, it's not EQ1, but its called "EQ". It was a shock like driving home and finding the place redecorated in pink, and I suspect that some EQ2 staff suffered the same shock/dissapointment after release and that all added up to lead to perhaps a little too much WoW chasing early on in the run. I'm really looking forward to Faywder – it looks more "familiar" than other EQ2 zones :)

Aggrome recently posited that Group Quests aren't very EQ2ish. I think a simple dupe of WoW-style quest sharing would be. But I don't think that Group Quests would be.

Never rumble with a man’s beliefs

I think the real problem is that as players we genuinely believe there is "an" imbalance issue. So having a Rat trying to explain to you how that's not the case is just going to piss you off something righteous. And I don't blame you. I was an-imbalance-hothead before I was a Rat. I was amazed they hired me after some of the things I said.

It's just a nuclear issue.

The torture that is any kind of balance-related discussion

We get raked over hot coals for being inconsistent on the topic.

We're not.

We've stuck to the same song this whole time: We say "There is no one imbalance, there are multiple issues", and then we talk about, say, low-peak imbalance and AOs, and then someone else comes along talking about north/south imbalance, and we have a different response to that.

It's like we mean what we say about multiple, separate issues and a lot of myth and perception fogging them all up into one "seeming" issue.

North/south imbalance, to us, is very different than low peak imbalance. So our responses on the two topics are different.

Imagine the following conversation:

A: Do you like to sit on concrete?
B: No. I think I'll go out side now.
A: You want to go outside to sit on the concrete!
B: No, I don't like sitting on concrete, besides, there's a bench, a chair and the lawn outside but no concrete
A: There is concrete!
B: No there isn't, I'm going to go sit on the lawn now.
A: Well I said there is concrete outside and he has gone outside to sit down. I told you all he likes to sit on concrete.

If you recall -back at the start I said "[and then we talk about] low-peak imbalance". I just totally don't get how someone can so singlemindedly block out the parts where we do talk about imbalances and instead claim we deny all existence of any kind of imbalance… *Sigh*

Cor, conniptions.

Spleen warning!