I joined the fight at Dun about 40 minutes ago as allied. We were just trying to break into the town from up on the hills. Within a minute I was thinking "well we've lost this one" – there were EI all around the hills, and we had a very short survival rate.

Remember the non-functional log file?

ARGH! That was a huge clue! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google buzzard?

Frankly amazing what you can find with google maps.

Are you being served?

Originally intended to support a complex multi-game, multi-version, distributed hosting system… Our authentication system seems bizzarely overcomplex in light of its actually working with just one game. It can be a real pain to work with: its a nightmare of levels of flexibility and verification and validation and processing and statelessness followed by blanket, hard-coded "one purpose only" chunks of cryptic code…

Every now and again I have to sit down and sketch out a process outline for the whole thing in my current frame of mind to help me work out where any given thing is supposed to happen along the way… It often reads like a skit from the same "show" as "The Daimler"…

"Hello, I'd like to report a login"