I joined the fight at Dun about 40 minutes ago as allied. We were just trying to break into the town from up on the hills. Within a minute I was thinking "well we've lost this one" – there were EI all around the hills, and we had a very short survival rate.

But then we seemed to be making it down the hill. We inched forward, the Axis made us pay for every step. I saw a lot of teamwork, Allied guys covering for each other, and a few of the times I died I realized that I'd been going for the one Axis trooper only to get shot by one of the other two I didn't see.

What kicked ass was [i]40 minutes of fighting[/i](*). Yes, the armor would converge on a facility we were having a hard time taking, and the AB at the end must have been hell to defend in. But there was no pre-camp, and the tanks didn't enter the AB until the last minute or two before we captured…

I didn't get to fire my gun much, I did a lot of dying, but it was a lot of fun. I died 3x swimming in the river to reach the town, I hope the duck shoot made up for that final hell in the AB :)

And LOL at Socket for landing his '52 in the AB :)

The one thing I wanted to comment on was the (apparently frustrating) ease with which the Axis equipment [i]at the foot of the hill[/i] got destroyed. I've seen the Allies do this same thing too.

The approach to Dun is down a long, steep hill. The Axis had great defensive positions set up, but like I've seen Allies do from time to time, they totally failed to think "UP HILL". The tanks were pulling up behind all the usual flat-cover, things like berms and bushes. From our position up on top of the hill, you were just a nicely stretched out long box to fire at, and the Allied rounds have gravity working in their favor as they come screaming down at your extremely thin, nicely flattened out top armor =(

Meanwhile – your rounds are fighting an uphill struggle – which in balistic terms means a much faster drop off in velocity. This is why when Axis get a hill setup overlooking an ab you decimate everything so easily.

Still – Dun is actually relatively typical of my experience of fights recently – less and less often am I spawning in to a pre-camp or a 15-20 minute camp. And boy does it feel good to actually have covered the ground from outside town to inside town over 20 or more spawns…

Great work 110th :)

(* And the fact that I managed 40 minutes of fighting with a new version of the client we were testing to fix CTHLs – good test!)

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So that’s why you said to go play against Brits, you feared my l33t skillz showing up in the south!


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