Player activity animation

Kinda cool – with two days worth of data its strange how similar the activity looks, obviously nobody is rolling anybody…

slow.overview.gif(this is static overview of the 2 days).

If you want to see the animations and maybe the source data…

Each square represents an area of 1km2 (4 grid cells) occupied by 1 or more players. The first frame is a summary for all the activity, and each frame covers 5 minutes. There is a datestamp in the top left corner. The tiled look is intentional, because I couldn’t make the pixels transparent… A single player can trip multiple cells within any frame (because it covers 5 minutes) and the number of players affects the shading of the cells.

Viewing the animation

1. Best viewed in IE 6 or above. Firefox struggles with such a large image.
2. Make your browser full screen and marquee mode (F11 in IE)
3. Best if viewed without automatic image resizing.
4. For best viewing, download the zip file and view it locally.

* First frame pauses for 10 seconds to help your browser start buffering some frames.

Gimme, gimme already!

You can view it online here, or for a smoother presentation, download it as a zip file. Use the “snapshot.html” file to see the gif animate over an annotated background map.

IE users: if you allow it to automatically resize the image, it’s going to run slowly and look crappier than it actually is.

In the very likely case that you can do better, this zip file includes snapsrc.csv which is pre-processed source data. Format description is included in comments at the top of the file.


Wooot!!!! Awesome!!!!

That’s awesome! :)

Nice one! Thanks for posting the animated version.

Interesting, Thanks for sharing.

Thats hypnotic. Cool :)

The airfields are peeing planes at the objectives!

That’s a cool way to see the gameworld.

So i was just looking at the data…

All the grid coordinates seem to be positive, except there are 9 occurences of “-4194304,-4194304:1,0”, what’s up with that?

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