Final game animation

During the "Player Videos" section of the con, someone showed a couple of those "WWII Trench Video"s, and then someone had to show this video ("The Emperor gets a phone call") – its not a WWII video, its just the funniest Starwars related video I've ever seen.

Anyway, I just generated my final player activity animation for now, covering May 24-28th inclusive. I'm not going to be spending much more time trying to make this data set useful or appealing, its done its actual job, and I'm just not very good at this kind of image manipulation/etc without putting my mind to it fully and a significant amount of time.

The animation/data starts to get rather large at this resolution/timespan, but reducing the minutes per frame starts to make it a bit too "blah". I may look at some other uses for this data, or we may make some version of it generally available for players to generate their own data from.

There is a README in the zip file explaining things in a little more detail :)

Download it here.

End of con update

Couple of people asked if there were any pics. Yes there are. But I'm incredibly un-photogenic. I was successful in largely avoiding photography. But you can find one of me here – I'm the guy at the bar facing the camera, in the shadow, wearing a black t-shirt that says "WTF?" in the middle of the picture. (The one you probably can't see :) Or there's this one of my back at the end of my presentation (mine is the back on the right side of the image, the other is Rafter's)! I'd rather have pics of Blangett (so photogenic she doesn't even go out of focus) than myself any day, and I think I largely succeeded ;)

Oh – here's a fascinating one of Doc's night-time event.

Toto has a good post-con post.

End of con post?

You gotta be kidding, I slept until 3.30pm, and even then I only nominally woke up in the sense that I got out of bed, puttered around the house and wrote this. I think I actually still count as sleeping – and my head still feels like angry cotton wool. Well, I'll try…