SSE2 – or the death of your machine.

UPDATE: Battleground Europe now ships with an SSE2 executable – the versions mentioned/linked here are no-longer available.

So you want to try my experimental SSE2 version (that I mentioned here) do you? 

According to the SSE2 wiki entry:

CPUs supporting SSE2

Notable CPUs not supporting SSE2

  • Anything from Motorola , Via, or any other CPU manufacturer not listed above

The following cpu’s do not support SSE2.

 If you want to try the new executable… Update: Tough – there is no 1.23.5 version of the SSE2 executable.


Thank you!

Thanks. I thought AMD added SSE2 to the XP processors, but I guess they didn’t.

Thanks, works fine on my Fx57 running XP Pro-64-bit.

What if any improvements should I be seeing? Tried it in a contested town with both versions, seamed to be running same FPS etc (I know it doesn’t do anything to the render routines as such).

Is there anyway obvious way to see if it is making any difference? Or with a high end system am I likely to see less then a person with a lower spec system?

Works fine; I died just as easily at Heinzburg ;)

Whether you’ll *notice* improvements depends on your system, pretty much. It’s very noticeable on my Athlon 64 3700+ @ 2.2Ghz with GeForce 7800 GT running 1280x1024x32, 1Gb DDR2 400Mhz with a bunch of options on.

If you’re not seeing any performance increase at all, you might wanna make sure you’re actually running the exe.

Definately running the new version (just over 4MB as opposed to old 3.67MB).

My system is a FX57 chip, 2GB RAM, Geforce 7800 GTX OC, running at 1600×1400 with everything on max.

Will go test it some more. Might have to try it on my old 3800+ Athlon 64-bit PC.

I’m led to understand your system can be high-end enough that the basic SSE2 optimizations don’t actually un-bottleneck anything so you don’t see a particular performance improvement.

Tried it, crashed trying to despawn, better FPS though, 58 in town, similar system to yourself (less .7 ghz processor).

Reverting to the old one.

Runs much smoother in general, but the graphics bottlenecks still effect the performance the same. And SLI is not helped.
Closeup of trees through binocs: 22 (regular and sse2 exes), 18 (SLI on regular or sse2)
Looking out over Remegen/Unkel: 26 (regular and sse2 exes), 20 (SLI on regular or see2)

But as I said, in general, when the graphics card isn’t being taxed with fillrate, the FPS is higher and the game runs smoother. Would be great to see it after Jaeger’s optimizations are in.
Athlon 64 3700+, 6800GT(x2)

OK tested it on my 2nd system.

Athlon 64 3800+, 4GB Ram, Geforce 6800 ultra.

Both versions run within 1FPS of each other.

I guess the answer is, if the bottle neck in your sysem is your CPU & you have a compatible one, then this will help (might help some people a lot!). If your bottleneck is elsewhere our your system doesn’t have a bottleneck then your unlikely to see much difference.

Still it’s great to see your getting chance to look at things like this. If we give you a week, and a lot of Pizza & beer do you think you can write us a 64-bit version of the game? ;-)

Didn’t write anything for this version, just turned on a compiler option to build SSE2 instructions :)

Porting the game to 64bit would probably take at least a month. Probably 2-3 months realistically.

He he, we are happy to give you credit for just turning the option on! :-)

Serioulsy, it would be possible to port it to 64-bit in as little as 3 months? I had imagined it would have taken a MUCH bigger effort to do it, if it was even possible!

I look forward to the day when I’m playing a 64-bit version of the game with Unity II & Terrain II implimented. Now that WOULD rock! :-)

AMD 64+ 3800, 2GB Ram, ATI X800 running Omega drivers

Saw a 100% increase in FPS in low populations areas and offline (went from ~30 to ~60)and saw it ocilate between a 33% and 50% increase in FPS in heavily populated areas, (albeit after only short test period, ~5mins, in either condition).

Appeared to have less stutters, and generally appeared to run smoother, but that could easily be placebo efect.

it’s a keeper!

So the Transmeta Efficeon is supported?

I’d never bothered to try to install on my Sharp MM20 ultraportable with 512M of DDR and a 1 gig Efficeon, plus a slow 20M hard drive and a Radeon Mobility using system RAM for 1024×768.

Heh. I still don’t think I’ll bother. No way. 8^)

Cripes! The prompts were fun!

And I don’t not hate Macs, but I don’t love them either :-)


I had to go through the prompts after reading Fridge’s post about them, and he’s right, they were a laugh riot.

BTW: Did not see a huge performance gain but it felt smoother.

AMD 64 X2 3800+
2x GeForce 6600 GTs

Ranged from a low average of 40 to high average of 60.
Saw peaks of ~80-90 and drops of 25-35. Did not pay 100% attention though as I was trying to learn how to shoot in a P-38.

I’m going to give it a whirl. Anyone that has FRAPS may want to run a benchmarking log. I get great FPS as is but every little bit is nice. :)

worked fine 2nd time. +10 FPS on the second try.

1st try had 9 FPS in HABAY and an “unusual termination” in teh log file after I CTHL’d.

2nd time sapper at Etain-Verdun FB (axis) as allied sapper and had 35+ FPS, and smoother game “feel”.

dxdiag sz:

Intel Pentium 4 3.00 GHz (2 CPU’s)
–>I think this is the math coprocessor on the chip counting as a 2nd CPU?

1024 MB RAM
–>matched Corsair RAM with 2 512 MB sticks

–>running 1024x768x32 at 72Hz refresh

Windows XP Home Edition

Any tips to speed up the ‘puter appreciated.


Here’s my results after one tour of the north sector in a FW on both executables. By no means scientific.

Old low – no pop: Frames: 23372 – Time: 322030ms – Avg: 72.577 – Min: 26 – Max: 127
Old high pop and heavy battle: Frames: 84918 – Time: 1592590ms – Avg: 53.321 – Min: 13 – Max: 118

New low – no pop: Frames: 26048 – Time: 347224ms – Avg: 75.018 – Min: 18 – Max: 153
New high pop and heavy battle: Frames: 44669 – Time: 864967ms – Avg: 51.642 – Min: 14 – Max: 85

Not much of a difference. New exe seemed to be more choppy though for some reason.

Athlon64 X2 3800 @ 2.5Ghz
2x 1Gb PC4000 OCZ
Soundblaster X-fi

Much much smoother and a bit higher fps, no ctd in one hour of playingtime.

Ok, im confused…..first, I have a Pentium 4 in this laptop, not 64 bit though….then the page says:

If you do not know:

For certain that your CPU is a 64bit cpu,

We have to have a 64bit, or? Why does that page say that?


It has nothing to do with the Word-Width of your processor.
SSE2 are SIMD register like the MMX part of your processor. SIMD means single instruction multiple data. These Registers have a width of 128 bit. So 2 or more (smaller size) values can be loaded into it and the operation on it will be executed simultaniously on all x-values.

Nice thing, sse2-exe.. Not sure did it help with my FPS – it seemed better, but like someone said: Might be placebo effect.

1 Bug (?) i’ve noticed:
When AIAA shoots at the same area, to your approximate direction, you (at least i do) get continuous Concussion Effect – red lining on scree, distortion, quadruple sights and ringing ears.

Hard to explain…

Just now, i was at 4000m Aachen, 5km W from the AF.
AF AIAA shoots over town low – around 2000m..
I get Concussion.

Oh, specs:
3.2GHz P4E (Prescott?)
ATI x800 Pro 256MB

Because very few non-64bit chips have it, and from what I’ve been reading the big performance kicker with SSE2 occurs on 64bit CPUs.

Really can be the computer/cpu broken if you use this exe on non-sse2 computer?

I though it simply will not work, but soooo many questions by KFS download procedure has shocked me…

Better safe than liable.


Because very few non-64bit chips have it, and from what I’ve been reading the big performance kicker with SSE2 occurs on 64bit CPUs.

?? Few people with non 64-bit cpus have it installed?
Or: very few non 64-bit cpus support sse2 ? (2)

(2) Would be plain wrong, SSE2 exists since 2001-2

Wait, this is for 64-bit only?

Aww =/

That kinda screws most basic Pentium 4 users =(

Ummm, yep, I’m sure the goal of the development work is to screw some players.

Wow. 8^)

Why not compile a version with SSE2 and 32 bit?


All Pentium 4’s support SSE2. Every single one of them.

I’m not doing anything 64-bit specific, but the SSE2 instructions don’t give you as much of a boost on a 32-bit CPU as they do on a 64-bit CPU, and I couldn’t be arsed to respond to all the 32-bit folks saying “omg its exactly the same” for this experiment.

There's no clever code work going on here. I needed a test build at home for CTHL testing, and I decided to turn on the "use SSE2" option in Visual Studio, for shits & giggles, and I got a huge performance boost because I use a 64-bit CPU.

32-bit CPUs with SSE2 won't get nearly – if any – performance boost, because its not clever SSE2 usage. I happen to know that most of our players with SSE2 support have 64 bit CPUs; so for the hassle you monkeys give me, and the fact that those of you with SSE2/32bit CPUs probably have *older* SSE2 implementations, it just wasn't worth giving you a copy of the binary.

AMD64 3200 (754)
3GB PC 3200 Cosair
6800 128MB

Overall, no direct performance increase via the FPS counter. Stable with no noticable show stoppers for a quick one hour test session.

seems much steadier and smoother, which has aircraft feeling more responsive and less laggy. Very impressed with how this software improved the game, please continue supporting SSE/SSE2.

Regards, Drive

(For those puzzled: I’d already deleted the comments that annoyed me so)

Playnet don’t provide support for anything but raw x86 instruction sets. The SSE2 client was never an official release client.

However: SSE and SSE2 instances of the client may be part of the 1.24 performance enhancements.

Uh Jwilly, where did I say the point of this was to screws users? I mean that the 64-bit only limitation screws plain P4 owners. I’m not pinning blame on anyone. You’re a little oversensitive.

Ohh man,

I am sooooo bummed about the new patch today. :( I have been working ton’s this week and just when I think I will get a chance to test it. IE Tonight. There is a new patch out… :(

I don’t suppose there is anyway to Bride ya to make a new one? :)


I think Jwilly was predicting my likely mode of response to use of the term “screwed”. Nobody was screwed but a few folks got lucky enough to run a copy of a wholly experimental personal home-build of the client by one of the devs. Not one of the client devs, so it wasn’t CRS or Playnet experimentation, it was just me experimenting.

If I ever do another, I’ll be sure and add a “You get that this is just something that kfs1 compiled out of curiosity in his spare time on his hime computer. What you’re downloading in no-way reflects the intentions or opinions of Playnet and does not constitute a “sneak peak” into actual game development”.

Your efforts are much appreciated, KFS1 :) Jwilly and I have butted heads in the past, we’re probably both a little touchy :) No hard feelings either way.


Give us a SSE2-“patched” executable of 1.23.5!

Thank you.

Ok, managed to try it before the latest patch.

Worked like charm, clear and definite improvement of FPS with A64.

How hard would it be for the WWIIOL installer to check the CPU type and install
a version for SSE2 if it is supported?

Clear improvement to the SSE1 version. Please make us a new version for the latest patch :)

I will send you pizza for a 1.23.5 SSE2 version.. really I will. I miss my FPS!

Forget pizza I’ll send booze.

forget booze I’ll send girls

Booze, check.
Girls, check.
Pizza, mmh, check.
Drugs, oh, not here.. *scratch*

Rock and Roll?

Hey, we need Rock and Roll over here!

I’ll send the girls from the motley crue videos then

I will be happy to test this now ;) soon ??

Where is this SSE2.exe

VIA C7 and Nano have SSE2 as well.

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