XMen 3: The Last Milking

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged this… Bruce, Granik, Ramp and I went to see X-Men 3 on Sunday. Ordinarily Bruce is the one to naysay our movies, so on the way out of the theatre I had to step up and be the first to say "That movie sucked".

It sucked so badly that stuff that didn't ought to matter did: For instance, if you're going to give Halle Berry a long, flowing cape, don't waste a single scene of your movie showing it off to me – at least not from behind.

The timing throughout the film is awful, and the mixture of character interest/dis-interest means that the scenes that do try to build character investment are just … *yawn*.

I went into the movie thinking "I hope they don't try to bring Jean back, because doing that in this movie would make it really cheesy and they'll waste a bunch of time trying to bring her back apologetically".

I win.

It's been my experience that you can't judge a book by its cover, or a director by his portfolio, unless he is making more-of-the-same. Even if he makes movies that are all up to par, your own varying perspective on the different genres/subject-material will alter your opinion of the work.

X-Men 3 tries to be a bit of a marvel roll-call, and does a piss-poor job of it. And it was crap enough I can't even bother to begin thinking how it could have been more tolerable. I wish I'd been to the "Movie Tavern" to watch it and gotten tanked up during the adverts. Maybe then I wouldn't have been dissapointed so much by the fact that nearly every one of Storm's outfits were un-figure-flattering.


You brits wouldn’t know a good movie if it bit you on the behind.
You have to separate the movies from the comics or you’re in for a disappointment.

Preach it brother.
If you are a comic fan and LIKED this movie, they should revoke your sequential art novel card from you.

Hmmm…was thinking about watching this movie but if it is seriously THAT bad, I won’t…

Hardcore fans are not going to like this movie but middle america is going to eat it up.
That’s why it’s breaking records already.

I don’t have the comics, but the same I disliked the movie, it is surely inferior to xmen2. Too much action. But i liked Osama Magneto Laden ;)

My wife and I went to see it last weekend. Frankly we both enjoyed it. People who are too close to source material that gets made into movies rarely enjoy them. If you’re not a comic book geek than go see the movie. If you like the first two you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.


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