– worst online store

It gets my vote, anyway.

I know – there are worse online stores, but Albersons provide really good service (in my experience). But the online store is so bloody awful (really stupid n00b issues like some really simple javascript bugs that force you to reload the entire site regularly, and atrocious use of frames) that relatively it becomes the worst store online.

My $0.02.


*Shakes fist*. Remind me not to feed the monkeys. And when I say "monkeys", well I just hope you've seen Bruce Almighty.

“Whatever you did, fixed it for me”

Killer greeted me this morning by congratulating me on fixing the CTHL issue yesterday. I scratched my head a bit. Apparently while playing yesterday, he got numerous thank-yous for doing whatever we did that fixed the CTHL issue.

But we didn't do/change anything. I spent yesterday poring over all of the changes that went into 1.23 host side (again). It's a real PITA because there were quite a few files we re-organized.

So nothing has actually changed client/host side yesterday or the day before.