And I didn’t even get to say good bye =(

After filling out my brief exit survey form, along with a short note describing my "other" reason for leaving ("Party member left, no sense of world to stir any reason to find a replacement"), I moused over the "Submit" button and paused for a moment to chuckle at the thought that Turbine never seemed interested in hearing people's opinions in AC1 and AC2, so what chance was there that the exit survey would actually work?

So I clicked and was told "You must be logged in to blah blah"…

So long, DDO

It seems my Friday-night DDO group has kicked the bucket, and I can't quite work up an enthusiasm for DDO enough to find a new group etc in DDO itself. Its a fun enough game, heck if I want to kill monsters with a group of guys its a great place to do it, but I don't otherwise have any motiviation to play.

Turbine's exit survey has the following reasons I might be leaving: Technical Problems, Not enough new things to do in-game, Level grind, Boredom, Low population on my server / at my level (hard to create parties), Don't like recent changes to the game, Not fun enough, Price too high and other.

I realize that DDO is not a solo game. But "My party broke up" ought to be in there. I think it's fairly important to know how often you lose 5 guys because 1 guy isn't entirely interested…

Our party died because one guy couldn't make it two weeks in a row. I don't think any of us even tried to get any other group. Why would you? It'd just mess with the main group dynamic.

I don't see anything in DDO that warrants taking the MMO approach. It would be far better suited to a more Diablo/UO style shard system.

PS – It's good to see the blog stats back down below 2000 hits a day, mebbe I will feel a little less under the microscope when I'm writing again ;)