Diamond thinking from Logitech

I'm becoming Logitech-shy. When I buy hardware, it makes me very nervous when there is more manual for installing the software that comes with it than there is for the applications I want to use it for.

My last few Logitech pieces have been a nightmare of drivers and applications. Logitech seem to want onto your desktop. ("Logitech Messenger"?) I don't want logitech on my desktop, I want them on my desk.

I wound up with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. I guess its an OK joystick – if you think putting a fire button right where your thumb rests on the top of the grip is sensible. It's not like you might accidentally squeeze it while trying to twist the stick or something. That there is one smart piece of engineering.

But the real clincher is this. Logitech decided that calibartion is for n00bs. And made it so that you *can't* calibrate their stick. No. That's done automatically.

Ah – not.

My stick is not centered. And I can't tell it to center. I tried their "Calibration Removal Tool" which uncalibrates all sticks on your system.

Fortunately for me, every other stick on my system allows you to calibrate it.

Guess which one is getting tossed out?

At least I feel like I’m working again now

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