Microsoft: 0.5, Hell: 0.5

(I'm implying that they are cohoots with the devil)

Apparently Microsoft has responded to customer feedback on the Automatic Updates system

(The underscores are only there because I'm holding down the Alt key)

"So, uh, what's different, whiner?" you ask.

Now they've made it sticky "to front", and, if you try to get clever and simply hide it someplace, it periodically snaps back to center and foreground.

And when I say "to front" that includes minimizing your fullscreen game, video or other.

Apparently tonight this was brought to me by an update of the "Windows Genuine Validation Tool".

Logitech: 0, Microsoft: 1

Uninstalled the Logitech "Game Software" exposing the simple Windows joystick calibration and, what a surprise: I can calibrate the stick and it isn't nearly so bad.

I'm going to buy an X52, anyway. Logitech make decent hardware, but it's like choosing to date a chick with a creepy kid called "Damion" who has this strange 666 birthmark…

Dear Diary, part (wtf is counting?)

All of this CTHL stuff, the inconsitency of the issues (at least from this perspective) has made it a real rabbithole chase. I have to admit I'm pretty beat. And if I don't take some time off soon – even if I spend it sitting at home alternating between coding for the game in my skivvies and sitting on the porch admiring the view of the pool…