Microsoft: 0.5, Hell: 0.5

(I'm implying that they are cohoots with the devil)

Apparently Microsoft has responded to customer feedback on the Automatic Updates system

(The underscores are only there because I'm holding down the Alt key)

"So, uh, what's different, whiner?" you ask.

Now they've made it sticky "to front", and, if you try to get clever and simply hide it someplace, it periodically snaps back to center and foreground.

And when I say "to front" that includes minimizing your fullscreen game, video or other.

Apparently tonight this was brought to me by an update of the "Windows Genuine Validation Tool".


At least they made Later the default button – which is why they only score .5 a point.

Ah, but using “N” for “now”, which many people would automatically reach for as a “NO” option because they’re being asked “Do you want to?”, has got to be good for at least a tenth of a point. ;)

Ah, nevermind, you had commented on that very sillyness in your previous blog.

I stuck with Win2K so I have to admit I never see this joy on my system, and my work WinXP laptop gets everything by forced SMS push where we don’t get asked jack.

Gets right on meh tits this microshat feature does.
The genuine software bit pisses me right off to. I have a xp copy as lost the disk that came with my pc. Then i brought a new case mobo and chip and i had to reformat so the nice chappy in the local computer shop give me an xp copy. As i could not find my original disk i threw the old case out that had my cd key stuck to the side…
Then fark me a few months later what did i find. Yep my old disk. piss.
So i get the whole this copy of windows is not genuine, do you want to buy now! crap every time i boot my pc!!
I hate microshat.

Yeah, that one hit me a couple weeks ago while hosting a Joint Ops game.
Thought I was gonna blow a gasket over it. Listen, I said I didn’t want to reboot yet, I WILL reboot WHEN I CAN you daft bugger.
Now please stop minimizing my game at each crucial point.
Thank you.

Ok, I know this is bad as I should leave it on. But this is the eason that I leave mine off and update manually every month or so.

Windows OS is SOOOOOOOO much better than Appple’s.

Which is why I turned all that extraneous Windows “features” crap off in my system manager – it kills all those bloody annoying popups outright.

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