SSE Wars, chip envy

So Gophur released an optional 1.23.6 client with SSE2 instructions including the SpeedTree library (which should kick it up a notch over my private version).

I foresee 32vs64 envy wars, people flaming CRS for not tweaking to their particular Pentium IX variant (there are many, and they have different SSE2 implementations).

So I had this to say, and I thought some of you monkeys might get a chuckle out of it.

*places left hand over eyes, waves right hand in air mystically, sways upper torso slightly, makes faint "wooo" sound*

Remember, a Frame Rates's strength flows from the 32. But beware. Speed, frames, "got a kill". The 64 side are they. Once you start down the 64 path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Wepse… Wespe… do not… do not underestimate the powers of the Athlon or suffer your Pentium's fate you will. Wespe, when gone am I… Doc will be here instead. Wespe, the SSE2 runs strong in your system. Pass on what you have learned.

Wespe! There is… another… instruction… set…. ….. "waaaugh!"”

(For those of you who aren't qualified as monkeys, 'Waaaugh' is the sound a WWII Online infantryman makes when he dies, typically the guy standing next to you who is watching your back).

Expect to see most improvements if you have a 64-bit CPU with 1mb or higher of L1 cache. No, your pentium 4 will probably not see much of a difference. Other factors include your memory configuration/speed/bandwidth. You may find a lot more tweaking scope for performance if you have a high end machine that doesn't get much extra thrust out of the executable, but I'm not the one to guide you.