Fire starting

As in, lighting one under one's self…

Yesterday was rough. Partly because I'd apparently psyched my coding faculties up for TOE work.

I really love programming. The way the band on the Titanic loved playing. It became automatic for me a long time ago, which is perhaps why I'm particular about writing code I can read: writing it brings no guarantees I know what it does :) But it means I have a built-in natural proof reader of my own code.

So yesterday, despite having told myself the intermission was coming and would take my whole day, I was still ready to start typing code.

Now, this morning Mr Coder was off sulking someplace. I have other stuff to work on today, so I've been tidying up some issues with the management tools, and trying to produce a CTHL-instrumented build for us to try and capture some of the CTHLs with. Catching up with my email. Crufty stuff.

<time passes>

Well, morning came and went. How did I finally light a fire under myself? Derek and the Dominoes: Layla appeared to do the trick. (Fision-eggs not my thing in the morning, unless you haven't done lunch yet, Bloo? :) After that I broke out some classical stuff mixed with the sound track to Fight Club, stuff that keeps me ticking without getting me too eagre to write a whole new system ;)