I was thinking about trying EVE again…

Response ([GM]Zworm) – 06/14/2006 05:44 PM

Hi, Thank you for contacting Customer Support. Before we can give you access to the account, we need to establish that you are the original owner of the account.

Therefore we ask you to please provide the information listed below. Note that it is vital that the information provided, is as accurate and detailed as possible.

1. The CD-key used to create the account (if a CD-key was used).
2. A scan of the CD-key and the game box.
3. The last 6 digits and expire date of the credit card used to pay for the account's subscription (if a credit card was used).
4. The full name used when the account was registered.
5. The email address used when the account was registered.
6. The date of birth registered at account creation.
7. The names of the characters located on the account.
8: The username of the account (if not provided already).

Urh. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't have a scanner. And I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't trust anyone's scans of a CD key – that wouldn't be hard to fake would it.

But I'm also out on counts 3, 7 and 8 – and depending how "iffy" I thought their site was, I'm probably out on count 6 too – I frequently give an incorrect DoB to sites I don't know if I trust. Well, and count 5 too for similar reasons. Although I at least have a short list of those.

I'd make the effort to solve – I have both UK and US debit, visa and mastercard cards, and I've been through a stack of them in the last 14 months thanks to expiries and ID theft.

Gophur and Ramp are giving it a whirl, so its tempting, but I'm not paying another $20 for a game I already didn't like once ;) Besides, I've not made 60 in EQ2 yet.

I wrote a .Net App!

In C# too!

Yeah, I know it looks totally pointless, but it took me less time than writing batch files to do the same job AND hand-hold the user.