Microsoft’s response to customer feedback…

Having recognized that there were some issues with customer satisfaction in regards to the "Automatic Updates … Must Restart Your Computer" device, Microsoft have changed the way automatic updates now prompts you for restart. Perhaps because they heard people would just move the dialog off-screen and leave it alone…


So I give in. I've disabled Automatic Updates. I suspect – and I'm serious – that Microsoft has done this to discourage the use of automatic updates:

a. It probably uses a lot of bandwidth,
b. More people getting infected more often might improve adoption of their new security product.

A whole bunch of MS employees are going "OMG we do NOT think like that! I work at MS to make the world a better place". Sure. But does your line manager? Do the marketing execs? Look, someone just turned that annoying dialog into 6 degrees of greater annoyance, and someone signed off on it, possibly even requested the change. That has to have come from somewhere.