Microsoft’s response to customer feedback…

Having recognized that there were some issues with customer satisfaction in regards to the "Automatic Updates … Must Restart Your Computer" device, Microsoft have changed the way automatic updates now prompts you for restart. Perhaps because they heard people would just move the dialog off-screen and leave it alone…


So I give in. I've disabled Automatic Updates. I suspect – and I'm serious – that Microsoft has done this to discourage the use of automatic updates:

a. It probably uses a lot of bandwidth,
b. More people getting infected more often might improve adoption of their new security product.

A whole bunch of MS employees are going "OMG we do NOT think like that! I work at MS to make the world a better place". Sure. But does your line manager? Do the marketing execs? Look, someone just turned that annoying dialog into 6 degrees of greater annoyance, and someone signed off on it, possibly even requested the change. That has to have come from somewhere.


Also auto updates are an easy way around the not having a original copy of windows crap.
The webpage where you look and choose the updates to install will not show any updates after sp2 is installed. It just says you don’t have a valid copy crap instead.
Auto updates on is a way around it as you can still get the updates that you need.

Nuke them from orbit, is the only way to be sure

I just set my domain up with Software Update Services (SUS), so that all the workstations query the domain controller for updates, and the DC passes them down to the workstations…much easier to manage….

They automatically restart, because standard users cant “restart later”, its greyed out….

Whee! Microsoft listens. They just don’t, apparently, speak User.

I noticed that they have rolled this change back :)

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