Coding Itch

So for several weeks now, I've been stuck on CTHL issues: trying to get useful data is a bit like pulling teeth and, because this is an issue coming between player's and their entertainment, it's not reasonable to expect players to be reasonable. But that leaves me trying to find the question to the answer of 42.

Aside from going over the code, I've been reading through a lot of related material, on the web, off my bookshelf, etc; I've been looking at various network systems, and I've been considering alternate approaches to various of the systems that are in the way/in the causal path of the problems. And last, but not least, I've been dabbling with Visual Studio and a possible GM tool that would reside outside of the game. I can knock up the UI elements for a system like that and hook them up to the game server relatively trivially. I've even been contemplating doing it with wxWidgets to make it cross-platform; maybe if there's a good UI editor for it. (I don't have a Mac, so telling me that it can import Mac UI Builder files is not very bright).

The upshot is that I've, apparently, been writing something. I don't know what it is yet. But I have that undeniable itch – its like waking up to the smell of eggs and bacon (assuming you like eggs and bacon, that is) and then realising it's from next door, that its 6am in the morning and nowhere is open, and you don't have any eggs or bacon, or anything to cook them in.

Eve, Night 2.

I played some more Eve yesterday. I want to be nice to Eve, because I've known for over 20 years that an MMO space game would be tricky. It's tricky not to get into bun-fighting with the doofuses who've pointed at Eve as a demonstration as proof that WWII Online is doing things wrong; the most common is the update system so I'll speak to that for a second. And then I'll rant like a monkey :)