CTHL testing and fixing

After an awful lot of weeding through false leads (no dude, you're CTHLing because you're trying to fit 102kbps of data down a very crap 14.4kbps connection, because your modem isn't connecting at 28.8kbps with a 450ms ping time to your ISPs modem and a year ago our "high bandwidth" setting was using way less bandwidth)… We finally started narrowing in on some real issues. We found that our pushing slightly larger chunks of data results in a slightly larger packet size which some of the "web accelerators" out there, and in particular LinkSys's "speedbooster" appear not to handle very well. Ray Waddell was telling me earlier today that LinkSys updated the firmware on his router and the engineer increased a "fragmentation size" variable, and his CTHLs have gone away.

Another popular cause seems to be the nForce firewall. I have an nForce4 motherboard, which I bought in part because I liked the idea of an onboard, firmware firewall. But its a pile of crap and I reinstalled windows and utterly disabled the nForce firewall stat.

Why doesn't it bother other games? Because they largely use UDP, so people trying to con another $50 bucks out of you for making your "web" go faster dick with TCP/IP settings and make TCP behave badly – but faster. OMGHEERZurPRONusukBUTITSGREATPRONnervehurterLOOKMOREPRON!

The big lingering culprit is the long-freeze followed by CTHL (note: If it doesn't say "Connection to host lost" in a little pop up box, it aint a frickin CTHL; it may still be a bug, but it ain't a CTHL). Martini has pretty much locked this down to the way the vehicles get loaded, and it seems like that the CTHL is being caused by too many new vehicles being added to your world view at once.

So for now the workaround is going to be host-side, reduce the number of vehicles that you can be introduced to in a single update and … don't send you any more until you've acknowledged those … avoiding slamming you into CTHL-inducing 45s pause.

To test that, I needed lots and lots of vehicles moving around in unpredictable fashions, popping in and out of vis, different types in no specific simple order…

Here's a short movie (5mb Windows Media Vid)…

You can also see it live and in person on the Training Server, at the T-junction south of Willemstaad. If you've been having CTHL issues, please give it a whirl. Especially if you have an old, backup, dialup connection you can test it against for comparisons sake…

(And yes, the vehicles are skippy, its intentional, the host is only moving them, it doesn't give them speed or acceleration etc so as to hurt the smoother code and increase the loading on your system, and incase you're wondering CTHLu071 is a buzzard)


The Nvidia firewall and adaptor are quite possibly the worst thing I have encountered in many years. I liked the idea of it as well but quickly found that it wreaked havoc with an amazing amount of programs, even when turned disabled. So much so that I don’t even use that port and instead use the Marvell Yukon adaptor that (thank God) is also on my board. It is utterly terrible. Do not even install the driver for it! Disabling the firewall is not enough. I would rip it off my board if it didn’t mean losing two USB 2.0 ports lol.

Well, no CHTL from the testing area, it owuld be nice to have a controll area also though. But even better in my oppinion is that normal spawn in stutters seem to be highly reduced as well. I would have to time it but i felt that i was able to get moving almost imdeatly after spawning in. Flying into the area in a plane also seemed to be much smother then normal.

That’s one surreal movie…

That movie was seriously disturbing!


This song is a “remake” of a clasical spanish song, “La española cuando besa, es que besa de verdad” is the main lyric…

Oh, well, here you have translated:

“The spanish women when kissing, they are really true kissing” (more or less, morons!) :)

BTW, I find this zone awesome for some AAA practicing… please, elaborate it a bit more, even at Area 51…

I have a related question dealing with CSR. When you CTD, drop connection or CTHL your sortie doesn’t post over to CSR. The kills, captures, and stuff do show on the summary page, just not the detail. What causes this?

Such a crap video :) But I’ve watched it a bunch of times. I really wanted an excuse to use one of the songs he sent me years ago … Now I need to figure out a movie for the other one, “Your evil is all in my head”…

I went to that area, very wild. I did CTHL eventually, 2 out of 3 times, so its herds more stable. I’ll keep testing to make sure though.

The first impression of this area to me was the film “Encounters of the Third Kind”… this biiiig naval transporters walking on the road… with no noise… scary at least :)

It’s very cool that you can now reproduce a cthl cause on the test server.

Kfsone – as AMpos mentioned – could you consider moving the setup to the training area when the CTHL testing is finished? Just having moving targets on the training server would be awsome (even though you can´t damage them and all).

Hey i try it and no problem only some stop less than 1 seg my fps its about 23 all time y play with 1mb dsl wifi.
1,5 ram and nvidia 7600 gl and pentium Dual 805.

U can see son pictures here:


good hint on Cthulu

You will be rewarded…

Love the credits. :)

That movies was great. 8-D

kfsone :
Such a crap video :) But I’ve watched it a bunch of times. I really wanted an excuse to use one of the songs he sent me years ago … Now I need to figure out a movie for the other one, “Your evil is all in my head”…

Oh really?

Yes, violating you, I mean your copyright, means a great deal to me! :) Oh and hi :)

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