CTHL update goes well, Superman super

It has been an agonising month, but… A host coder couldn’t ask for a nicer birthday present than a successful rollout of a host-update that seems to have eliminated most of the remaining CTHLs. Gotten a lot of feedback from people saying how much of an improvement it was. Woot! Those of you who had previously tried the “visplayerlimit 4” trick and found it to be CTHL hell might wanna break it out again.

Actually, my birthday was yesterday (28th) so a bunch of Rats went with me on Tuesday to see Superman at the Movie Tavern. (How lucky were they to get that domain?)

Toto had basically beaten any hopes we had of a good film out of us, and in a sense we were actually mostly going to laugh at the new “gay” Superman. On the way in we were saying how dissapointed we were that they’d shown the good bits in the trailers already.

I want to avoid saying too much about the movie because … from the titles onwards, I was reliving my first theatre viewing of Superman. So – if you haven’t been to see it because your buddies have told you how gay it is, or you saw the crappy stills in Maxxim: Keep thinking that way, and go watch the movie for a laugh. Gophur didn’t come with us Tuesday, so if he’s up for it, I’m gonna see if he wants to go again tomorrow.

Just remember: I rarely watch a movie twice, and almost never go to the theatre once for them…