Since you’ve had chance to go see Superman now…

I can say my little bit about the story… Spoilers ahoy.

Darn, I nearly forgot about the weather

I, right along with Ramp, have been harassing Martini for a while now to see if he couldn’t conjour up some simple weather event – a darkening of the sky, drawing in of the fog, overcast style.

Granik and Martini have finally been working on new lighting/environmentals for 1.24, and its looking good and hey were talking about creating a system that would give us variable weather conditions, for a future release. But … The changing the daylight from a bright, sunny, texas day to a permanent gray, overcast might be a bit holywood but it would also be depressing and unberable.

I thought it’d be worth making the extra effort to start out with variable environment settings, even if it was only 3 or 5 options.

Fortunately for me, Killer and Rafter were of a similar mind.  I think Gophur was counting on me saying it’d take a lot of work. It took about 45, maybe 60 minutes to get the data moving through the system and correctly generated on the “weather server” (a part of the strat host that keeps the entier network synched as to what game time is).

Each time the game clock rolls over past midnight, it picks a new “weather pattern” for the day. So far we have sunny, greying and overcast. Still needs a bit of work tho ;)