Since you’ve had chance to go see Superman now…

I can say my little bit about the story… Spoilers ahoy.

On entering the Movie Tavern lobby your first thought is “Uh, how did I wind up in the motel out of Memento”. You shuffle your way to the ticket person, and you proceed to the theatre. It’s about the size of a small-medium screen theatre back home. About 10 seats wide, although the seats are far more widely spaced than your ordinary theatre so – I guess if it was a regular cinema, it’d be 16-18 seats wide. And you get a ton of leg room because infront of each row is a bench for your food/drink during the showing.

Sadly before you take all this in you’re thinking “Uh, it smells of pee”. Stale, spilled beer, I guess. The floor was .. tacky. Just short of sticky by an actual encounter with a mop within living history.

As soon as they start filling the theatre, waiters come round and start taking orders. We were sitting around for a good 30 minutes before they started rolling the shorts etc, and we landed ourselves one row from the front of the theatre looking up at a rather blury screen, it seemed.

This lead to our not getting our food until the titles and our drinks slightly later.

Before entering the theatre they handed out “Comic Book Day” superman comics with a superman + batman storyline that was kinda cool. As we waited for the film to start we chuckled about how maybe this movie would finally elevate Superman III from the hideous abomination it was.

Krypton’s sun goes nova (or something) and the resulting expanding shell causes Krypton to explode. Meteor fragments hurtle forth, with a spaceship amongst them.

And so begins a title sequence in a glowing, blue StarWars like outline font that sort of “swoosh” away in a blur as they expire off screen. Exactly like Superman 1.

The CG may be modern day, but the style of the titles, the music they’re set to, everything said “Welcome Back”. Even down to that “Wait, is this a StarWars spin off or what?” itch. I’m not complaining – it was unexpected and whether or not I liked these titles in the first place, they were continuity. Woot!

Once we finally get around to meeting the new Superman… He actually seemed very akward, as though he was flunking a bad audition. And they took their sweet time with letting him speak – perhaps to avoid slapping you with his only-vague resemblance to Christopher Reeves and his very different voicing. His first few lines are pretty akwardly delivered too. But after that, they finally stop dusting off the missing years and asking you to believe, and the film starts.

Clearly it was a fabrication that they’d gayed up the new superman. The boots are a little dubious, granted, but I think they’re supposed to look like divers boots or something – i.e. weighted to help him float, or something.

Kevin Spacey … Was fantastic as Gene-Hackmans-Luther, and where the character was distinctly Spacey, I was happy with the changes. It gave him that serious twist that made the comedy more of a belly laugh.

Lois… Well, she was hotter than I ever thought Margot Kidder was… But she wasn’t a bombshell either. I think Lois was the one weak character actually. I know what they were aiming for, but she lacked that restless energy that other Loises have always radiated.

I was really pleased to see a movie that, while it did have some references to this and that, wasn’t littered with advertising gimmicks or parodies of other movies. Some self-mockery of the Superman franchise, but otherwise good, lets make our own movie, behavior.

Amongst my favorite comedic touches were the allusions to the question of “why is anyone fooled by the glasses?”, especially when they follow it with the glasses coming off (and if you paid attention, his hair doesn’t quite know what to do when that happened ;))

As we hurtled towards the plot twist, I think many people didn’t see it coming, and other, like myself, saw a twist coming but not that one. For myself, I was expecting them to go with yet-another kryptonite revelation, in that if green k makes superman weak, it probably makes someone else stronger. But no. The script writer was a good one ;)

Those of you who haven’t seen the movie won’t find it at all spoilerish if I reveal that Lex exposes Superman to Kryptonite in order to prevent him from interfering with the plan. No, you say, that was inevitable. Yes. But you haven’t seen Spacey’s Luther deal with Superman… I don’t think Mr Hackman’s Luther could have done it.

And they even salvaged the invetiable “wet celleryman” (superman w/ kryptonite). I think I was probably riveted through nearly the entire of the sequence (depends on your response to/interpretation of the twist at the time, I guess).

Then they come to the first crescendo, and again, the twist had rendered me able to suspend disbelief. These guys could be thinking of doing anything.

The ending I guess was pretty limp, though. I know its traditional to show superman flying and all that, but it was just kind of weak. Superman, clouds, sky. We saw that earlier. A couple of times.

Yeah. I totally enjoyed the film. It was none of the things I’d heard it was going to be – gay, worse than 3, touchy feely, etc, etc. I enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed any superman film, and it missed out that whole “Can he read my mind” section, although it did sort of have a spot for it.

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Yeah…Movie Tavern can be rather dirty. I work at Cinemark in Grapevine.

We’re not much better…we have that notorious cat piss smell that a lot of theaters have.

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