Funny farm movie

1.24 is in open beta, and it happens to have the “new” funny farm. The vehicles are still faked by the host, although they now have some velocity so as to kick in the smoother. And they now orbit Eersel.

After showing off various of the current environmental/lighting states (sunny, cloudy, overcast etc), we decided to have some fun at the farm… 86mb Windows Media Video file. Download direct here. Not my best made movie but WWIIOLers ought to find it amusing :)


You might want to actually seed the file.

nm, got a seeder

Heh, brilliant. Love the shots from the air – great ending. :)

i couldn’t get the torrent to download

“The worlds first MMO frogger?” hehehe.

now *your* evil is all in my head!! aaaaaaarrrghhh

That’s the other Neil Brewitt track I wanted to use.

Spawning in to a depot in Eersel is very interesting. Get up on the roof and you’ll have a half a chance of surviving for a long time. Eventually, though, one of the TTs will scrape you off and you’ll fall to the ground.

Oh, also, what’s the proper name for the “Futurama theme”? I want to… er… look for it in online catalogues. ;)

“Futurama Theme” by Danny Elfman.

Around the beginning, 20-30 seconds from the start.
There’s some views on a quite clear sky, is that the “clearest possible” ?

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