Baby update

No, I’ve not had a baby, that’s what I call my bored cat.

She’s been moulting heavily lately, more so than a simple summer coat transition, which has been making her cough up rather a lot of hairballs, and also interfering with her eating patterns. So she’s been a little more mopey.

Complete lack of interest in most forms of play. I took Snails advice and got the pen laser light. She showed nearly a whole minutes interest. If I use the white light that comes with it, she gets scared and runs away. If I use the red light for an extended period of time, she gets up and goes to another room.

She has, however, trained me to take her out once a night – at least – for a walk. We go around all of the sections of the local apartment complex. If I let her go first, she’ll go about 3 paces before stopping. During the time we’re walking she alternates between lagging behind and trying not to appear as though she is following me, and then she catches up and ducks a couple of steps ahead to see where we’re going (if I vary the route she tends to do this, in a way that makes me think of Dougal, hehe).

Netflix is turning out not to be lazy enough for me since I cut back to the 4 movie plan. So I’m going to give Vongo a try.

I’ve been playing our game a fair bit the last week or so, mostly as Axis because they’re usually underpopulated when I log in lately, to the point that when I do try and play Allied its a bit confusing. I’ve been having a blast, but sadly the inevitable happened and I spent last night sitting watching in the buzzard because there were too many people “comfortable” with bombarding me with the usual barrage of questions and complaints about the things I don’t have answers for. And I know from experience now that after a buzzard night I probably won’t play again for a while. The itch is there, but the buzzard view can be a bit of a game killer – it boils out the flavor and eliminates the human factor that makes the game such a rush when you’re down there on the ground.

I was watching a German tank (Panzer IVG I think) coming out of a firebase in the Ciney area looking for the Allied unit that had previously killed him. There were actually two Allied M4A2 tanks, and I don’t think this guy had any idea where they were.

From up in the buzzard, it was a cinch, and even coming down to just 20-50ft above the ground, it was still plain as day as he lined up on Druide. And then … continued rotating and turned his tank side on and drove off into a little berm area.

Maybe he’d heard the engine of the other tank off in another direction. But at this point Druide had spotted him and started opening fire. His commander was out and maybe he got lucky and saw the round, because he pulled into his little berm he’d been hauling for. I zoomed down, unable to believe these guys couldn’t see each other, flew right down to the end of his barrel, turned to where I could see bits of Druide’s icon and … couldn’t see a thing otherwise. I zoomed across over to Druide and turned 180, and I can’t begin to imagine how he’d even managed to get those first few shots in, there was so much clutter and trees and berms between the two…

Meanwhile the Pz was opening fire, I flew back and he’d just managed to spot the other tank. Rounds started flying, 4g versus A2 at about 1000-1500m maybe, both front on best I could tell. Panzer lost – I’m guessing that Druide fired a round and got lucky.

This second M4A2 began moving up closer to the Fb and our plucky Axis tanker respawned a Stug, and headed off in a third direction. From where I was, it was clear he was aiming to kill this second M4 that had now killed him twice. The M4 showed all the signs of hearing the stugs engine, but the guy was driving off east and the M4 didn’t appear overly concerned at having a stug in his flank, and he drove himself a good 2000m+ east. And then he stopped and listened. And after a while, he turned north, towards the occasional engine sounds of the M4. Within a few minutes, he was aiming pretty directly towards the A2, trundling along slowly, unthreateningly, and the M4 even stopped turning to his left, more interested in trying to get one or two lucky kills from the FB. Sadly, for him, nobody spawned.

He’d parked himself up on the east side of a line of berms and trees giving him a reasonable view of the FB, and with various grass lines and berms obscuring his view of the ridge southeast of him, up which a stug was slowly trundling, commander swivelling like a posessed chick’s head. And suddenly he came thru a grass line onto the top of the climb, not more than 200ft from the M4, almost side on. Swivelling round he *almost* rolled it, but at the last minute it rocked back and I could see his gun trying for the M4. It took him a couple of tries to get himself turned so his gun was facing the right way, during which the M4 was frantically panning left and right around the FB. Boom went the first stug round into the side of the M4. No reaction for a moment and then the turret started coming round. Boom a second shot. Boom a third shot into the side of the turret, and finally BOOM and the M4 brewed up.

While all of this had been going on, I’d been watching a player, bludngut, pushing a cmle37 anti-tank gun out of ciney all the way down to within a stones throw of the FB. That’s some determination, yeesh. Proud of himself, the Stug headed off to the xroads and on towards where, I guess, he thought he could take out the other ET. And in typical Axis tanker, once he got on the road, he seemed to figure his invulnerability shields were armed. By the time he entered the wooded area west of the xroads he must have been in 6th gear.

Was all I could do not to yell “Behind you” as bludngut calmly pushed his atg out in the road and fired a clear 6 shot into the rear of the stug and then trundled it again into some cover. The stug, meanwhile, must have figured this was the first M4 off to the north (Druide) who had actually driven off and away. He span his ride and brought it round facing north and calmly and slowly drove it thru the grass line onto the road. Bludngut couldn’t have prayed for a better shot ;) Boom go stug.

After a while, more tanks drove out this way. The first to do so, jhenning, immediately respawned an AT gun and began pushing. Shortly after our stug driver reappeared and warned folks of an ATG near the xroads, but this second victim began adamantly declaring there was an enemy tank. When bludngut got a second kill on the guy, he expressed a very dim view of how broken the game was that an Allied tanker could see him so easily while he was in cover. He was actually in the same treeline that bludngut was hiding. I’m amazed he didn’t see him in death cam :)

After that I watched a group of sappers, dilbert1 amongst them, frantically trying to take out an FB. Towards the end of their efforts they started playing it a little smarter, but I get the impression dilbert1 was trying to live up to his namesake, charging in blinding to the FB across open fields, and getting very shot.

When they finally blew their first FB, they’d taken so many casualties and taken so long that the Axis, expecting the inevitable, had sent their own team out to the Allied FBs location and as soon as it appeared they hopped off the back of the opel they had been patiently waiting in and sapped it quick as that. The Allied sappers hadn’t even finished leaving the old FB before it came back up.

After watching dilbert1 and friends for another 2, maybe 4 hours, I’m left in two minds. On the one hand, they clearly had something they could do that they enjoyed, on the other, it seems daft you can’t repair your own FB. But if you could, would that end their fun? Or would it simply mean they wouldn’t have to keep relocating the fight?