Baby update

No, I’ve not had a baby, that’s what I call my bored cat.

She’s been moulting heavily lately, more so than a simple summer coat transition, which has been making her cough up rather a lot of hairballs, and also interfering with her eating patterns. So she’s been a little more mopey.

Complete lack of interest in most forms of play. I took Snails advice and got the pen laser light. She showed nearly a whole minutes interest. If I use the white light that comes with it, she gets scared and runs away. If I use the red light for an extended period of time, she gets up and goes to another room.

She has, however, trained me to take her out once a night – at least – for a walk. We go around all of the sections of the local apartment complex. If I let her go first, she’ll go about 3 paces before stopping. During the time we’re walking she alternates between lagging behind and trying not to appear as though she is following me, and then she catches up and ducks a couple of steps ahead to see where we’re going (if I vary the route she tends to do this, in a way that makes me think of Dougal, hehe).

Netflix is turning out not to be lazy enough for me since I cut back to the 4 movie plan. So I’m going to give Vongo a try.

I’ve been playing our game a fair bit the last week or so, mostly as Axis because they’re usually underpopulated when I log in lately, to the point that when I do try and play Allied its a bit confusing. I’ve been having a blast, but sadly the inevitable happened and I spent last night sitting watching in the buzzard because there were too many people “comfortable” with bombarding me with the usual barrage of questions and complaints about the things I don’t have answers for. And I know from experience now that after a buzzard night I probably won’t play again for a while. The itch is there, but the buzzard view can be a bit of a game killer – it boils out the flavor and eliminates the human factor that makes the game such a rush when you’re down there on the ground.

I was watching a German tank (Panzer IVG I think) coming out of a firebase in the Ciney area looking for the Allied unit that had previously killed him. There were actually two Allied M4A2 tanks, and I don’t think this guy had any idea where they were.

From up in the buzzard, it was a cinch, and even coming down to just 20-50ft above the ground, it was still plain as day as he lined up on Druide. And then … continued rotating and turned his tank side on and drove off into a little berm area.

Maybe he’d heard the engine of the other tank off in another direction. But at this point Druide had spotted him and started opening fire. His commander was out and maybe he got lucky and saw the round, because he pulled into his little berm he’d been hauling for. I zoomed down, unable to believe these guys couldn’t see each other, flew right down to the end of his barrel, turned to where I could see bits of Druide’s icon and … couldn’t see a thing otherwise. I zoomed across over to Druide and turned 180, and I can’t begin to imagine how he’d even managed to get those first few shots in, there was so much clutter and trees and berms between the two…

Meanwhile the Pz was opening fire, I flew back and he’d just managed to spot the other tank. Rounds started flying, 4g versus A2 at about 1000-1500m maybe, both front on best I could tell. Panzer lost – I’m guessing that Druide fired a round and got lucky.

This second M4A2 began moving up closer to the Fb and our plucky Axis tanker respawned a Stug, and headed off in a third direction. From where I was, it was clear he was aiming to kill this second M4 that had now killed him twice. The M4 showed all the signs of hearing the stugs engine, but the guy was driving off east and the M4 didn’t appear overly concerned at having a stug in his flank, and he drove himself a good 2000m+ east. And then he stopped and listened. And after a while, he turned north, towards the occasional engine sounds of the M4. Within a few minutes, he was aiming pretty directly towards the A2, trundling along slowly, unthreateningly, and the M4 even stopped turning to his left, more interested in trying to get one or two lucky kills from the FB. Sadly, for him, nobody spawned.

He’d parked himself up on the east side of a line of berms and trees giving him a reasonable view of the FB, and with various grass lines and berms obscuring his view of the ridge southeast of him, up which a stug was slowly trundling, commander swivelling like a posessed chick’s head. And suddenly he came thru a grass line onto the top of the climb, not more than 200ft from the M4, almost side on. Swivelling round he *almost* rolled it, but at the last minute it rocked back and I could see his gun trying for the M4. It took him a couple of tries to get himself turned so his gun was facing the right way, during which the M4 was frantically panning left and right around the FB. Boom went the first stug round into the side of the M4. No reaction for a moment and then the turret started coming round. Boom a second shot. Boom a third shot into the side of the turret, and finally BOOM and the M4 brewed up.

While all of this had been going on, I’d been watching a player, bludngut, pushing a cmle37 anti-tank gun out of ciney all the way down to within a stones throw of the FB. That’s some determination, yeesh. Proud of himself, the Stug headed off to the xroads and on towards where, I guess, he thought he could take out the other ET. And in typical Axis tanker, once he got on the road, he seemed to figure his invulnerability shields were armed. By the time he entered the wooded area west of the xroads he must have been in 6th gear.

Was all I could do not to yell “Behind you” as bludngut calmly pushed his atg out in the road and fired a clear 6 shot into the rear of the stug and then trundled it again into some cover. The stug, meanwhile, must have figured this was the first M4 off to the north (Druide) who had actually driven off and away. He span his ride and brought it round facing north and calmly and slowly drove it thru the grass line onto the road. Bludngut couldn’t have prayed for a better shot ;) Boom go stug.

After a while, more tanks drove out this way. The first to do so, jhenning, immediately respawned an AT gun and began pushing. Shortly after our stug driver reappeared and warned folks of an ATG near the xroads, but this second victim began adamantly declaring there was an enemy tank. When bludngut got a second kill on the guy, he expressed a very dim view of how broken the game was that an Allied tanker could see him so easily while he was in cover. He was actually in the same treeline that bludngut was hiding. I’m amazed he didn’t see him in death cam :)

After that I watched a group of sappers, dilbert1 amongst them, frantically trying to take out an FB. Towards the end of their efforts they started playing it a little smarter, but I get the impression dilbert1 was trying to live up to his namesake, charging in blinding to the FB across open fields, and getting very shot.

When they finally blew their first FB, they’d taken so many casualties and taken so long that the Axis, expecting the inevitable, had sent their own team out to the Allied FBs location and as soon as it appeared they hopped off the back of the opel they had been patiently waiting in and sapped it quick as that. The Allied sappers hadn’t even finished leaving the old FB before it came back up.

After watching dilbert1 and friends for another 2, maybe 4 hours, I’m left in two minds. On the one hand, they clearly had something they could do that they enjoyed, on the other, it seems daft you can’t repair your own FB. But if you could, would that end their fun? Or would it simply mean they wouldn’t have to keep relocating the fight?


Couldn’t you come play in one of our other accounts?

BTW… Like I said the other night. It has been great seeing you play axis!


If you could repair FBs, you could mount much more successful defenses of them. Which makes sapping FBs harder. Which means taking out an FB you’re going to first try the stealth approach with a truck load (or C47) of sappers, gliding in with the engine (works for trucks or planes :) ) and hoping no-one’s there.

Or you’d have to fight for them, with a full assault. Which on the plus side means more combat “in the field” which everybody claims is a good thing. But at the end of it you’re fighting over a position that is both a spawn point and a capture point. Can you hear the cries of “zomg we’re being camped!!!!” yet?

And to me the first option sounds a bit too much like the whole fight-avoidance problem you’ve been talking about all along. And then come the requests for EWS at FBs, and AI, and then FB-only attack objectives etc bloody etc.

Until you’ve got some ability to really address the whole spawning & capture paradigms (and I appreciate that’s a ways off), it may not be worth looking at unless a truly trivial effort is required.

Oh yeah, that was the other thing I was going to say – sounds like maybe you need to spend more time in a “dark glasses” account. Although admittedly then you don’t get to associate so much with your various in-game friends, unless you let them in on the secret, and then that inevitably leaks…. and you’re back to square one.

I think I’m sounding far too jaded and cynical today. :)

Dilbert1 is at the top of my enemies list so I looked his stats up. Blowing up forward bases seems to be his way of contributing to the war effort. To each his own but I like the shooting aspect although I think I have been killed more than anyone: 30,000 deaths and counting.

Nice write up of the FB battle.
It’s amazing how people don’t always believe peoples contact reports & warnings. Heck most people check their CSR to see what kill them if their not sure, then warn the other players.

Personaly I’d love to see a 15min delay on kills showing up on CSR, so that if you have spent a lot of time getting into a great position and get a kill where the victim doesn’t know what hit him he can’t just jump on CSR and then warn all the other players exactly what is there.
Your ‘Danger Will Robinson’ contact marker would work great in that situation where you know a place is leathal but don;t know why!

Not sure about being able to repair a FB. Given the defenders will usualy have a large supply of sappers that could repair it, it would almost be impossible for the attackers to blow it unless the defenders where out of sappers.

As for your not wanting to play because we all bug you, maybe time for a secret account like several of the other Rats use?

Whilst it’s great to see you guys in-game, I’d be really worried if the badgering was hindering your enjoyment to the point you play less. For obvious reasons, I think it’s really important for the games future that the Rats play and enjoy their own creation.

I’d encourage you to play with a second / anonymous account

It’s not the badgering, its the buzzard cam that tends to burn me out :) Everyone thinks they’d love to have the buzzard cam, but it gives you a perspective that ruins the “game” of it all. The proof of god that tears down faith, sort of thing. I’ll get over it. But I just won’t feel compelled to scratch the WWII itch for a few days :)

If Briadge OiC’s could place FB’s at will (well, like a very large, slow to deploy UMS), you wouldn’t need to repair them. Just build a new one 2km down the road. ‘Corse thats all very messy, and probably awhile off…

Is there any way there might ever be something like a ‘buzzard movie of the week’? You may find it distracting but I really would love to see an overall perspective of some large fight I took part in.

Interesting how all of the hypothetically desirable directions for the game to go design-wise…multicrewing, platoon mission play, teamwork…are inconsistent with what many players really do in-game, which is focus on individually getting kills and individually fighting one other player, even to the extent of totally ignoring the military-simulation context and the potential presence of a coordinating enemy.

I wonder if habitual armor and AT-gun players have a significantly greater degree of this individual gameplay-focus than infantry players.

I would think the biggest problem with repairing an FB is that the time-to-‘battle’ for the repairers is so much shorter than the time-to-‘battle’ for the destroyers. You’d never be able to get ahead of the repair efforts unless you had 4+ people and they all waited to blow the spawns at the same time.

It would be nice if they could repair on their own though… maybe 25% per hour would work? I’d think you could hijack the same codebase that autorepairs the bridges, but no idea how badly that would increase server-side processing.

Heheh. You and Gophur have cats with the same name. Yer jinxed.

If FB’s were repairable, maybe it should be done ala’ truck Resupply. If a truck represent supplies, along with troop carrier, why not give it a supply ‘value’. The ol’ green garages could be despawn locations for a supply drop, & armor tent or resupply tent, at a FB. Have 2 kinds of Trucks, the troop carrier & supply truck. Troop Carrier, present model, is empty for inf & can UMS. Cannot Supply. Supply Truck, has a Full(I-Wont-Pick-U-UP!) load. ie. barrels/crates. cannot UMS.
When a side captures a CP, there is a frantic push to defend & supply a re-‘cap’ with infantry. That same intensity could be applied to a trucker, trying to supply/repair fb underfire. The ‘HotDrop’ rush.
If trucks were used as a supply vehicle too, the ‘HotDrop’ would be resurrected. Truckers, Resupplying/Repairing Fb’s, resupplying AB’s, & resupply/repair Town(Green Garage) AI.

Maybe the cat feels smothered, & thinks you need to see other people.

More likely exactly the opposite…she wants you around all the time, in case she feels like having you do something for her.


Regarding FBs, IMO they should be tolerated as-is until they can be replaced with something that’s not fixed in place.

I guess it might work if the “FB tree” was replaced with some kind of small revetment, since its often not slap dab in the middle of the FB. To repair your FB, you have to “repair” the revetment, not the infantry spawn or vehicle spawns – creating a crossfire…

Ive often endorsed more “buzzard movies” to be released.

I would think one movie (or so) per campaign wouldnt be too bad…once the fight is good and underway, announce it on SYSTEM that the fight for “Town X” is being recorded for release…

The FB tree is often hidden amongst other trees, which are often amidst berms.

And? I can write a little something to send you to every FB in the map and review the position. Isn’t that what we pay you for? :)

I say ixsnay on the FB repair. It can be very tough to destroy an FB as it is. You lose 3/4 of your sappers trying to kill an FB. Then you find out the FB has been repaired and all it needed was one more sapper…., and now the FB is repaired and all you have are 2 sappers left in the spawn list.

If the game ever goes back to killing FB’s with bombs, I would be for the repair option.

FB Repair solution:

Sappers from the host FB/Town *cannot* repair the FB. They must be shipped in from other towns. (and “hot dropped” (driven in) since no MSP can work).

Buzzard Brotherhood:

I had the buzzard as a sop from Badger, since everyone he had fired got the buzzard. Like World Cup futbol, old enemies became friends inside the ‘penalty box’.

The buzzard killed my playing spirit as well. It is too easy to see into the future of an attack. Hours of wasted effort were apparent IN ADVANCE because the whole town is OPEN from the opposite side of the attack, but a dozen defenders are killing the one dimensional attack that is simply streaming directly at the town.

Idiocy in play apparent, as you documented quite well.

There is a Star Trek (original) episode, where computers predicted the fight, and people had to show up to be killed due to the computer simulation. The buzzard is like that. And Kirk needs to get people to agree to just stop.


Like the .afk command; you should set your text to automatically respond to .m’s with a PLAYING ON MY OWN TIME / NOT AT WORK / NEED PRIVACY type item.

Also, you should be able to “Area Chat” in “System” mode, saying: CRS Employee is playing on his own time, and it would be POLITE to leave him alone except for Combat Comms.

Finally, just take off the Rat Icon, and remove the caps, and be “kFS1” and claim that you are not a Rat and just had a similar nickname, etc.

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