Vongo vongone

So I tried out Vongo last night; the interface is a little hokey, they shoulda stuck to doing relatively standard stuff instead of trying and failing to glam it up.

But what killed it stoney cold dead, for me, was the abysmal sound quality. I think they’re probably using 40khz or less. The movie I watched? Millenium. (Never seen it all the way thru before). After that I watched Blade (The Series) first episode, which was not bad. Tough shoes to fill. It started out pretty strong but it gradually slams on the breaks and the “now we’ll introduce you to the series” aspect develops a bit of a “preachy” feel to it. By the end I was starting to wonder how Buffy like the series is going to be.

I’ll probably watch a few episodes.

Tried to find somewhere to get Always Sunny In Philly series 1 episodes, I’m starting to wish I had Tivo or DVR of any kind :) But then I’d want to get Digital Cable, and there’s so little on so often, I really don’t fancy paying DC rates. Bring on the days of paying for the shows you watch :)

“How come Eve can … and WWII can’t …”

So, I thought I’d take a moment to stop by the Eve discussion forums, before my account dries up. Part of the reason I’d decided to retry Eve was some of the slurry being lobbed at us in the forums trying to compare what Eve does with what WWII does.

Imagine my surprize at the first thread I found being “Low poly option!”. Hell, Eve is already very low poly – they use a lot of alphas on things like the vanes and rigging on their ships, to keep the poly counts low.

In this thread are lots of posts like this:

I’m sure everyone appreciates the new models and textures being created – the test shots do look beautiful – but consideration needs to be given to how this will affect the already stop-start nature of large fleet battles, which are some of the most fun events in game.


anything which will make fleet battle more than looking at a blank screen for 5 minutes then waking up 50 jumps away.


In my experience it seems to be the UI that causes lag as much as anything else, turning that off makes things much better. The only problem is without it you can’t really see what you’re doing.

So next time you monkeys are trying to cheap-shot us with Eve comparisons, don’t bother. I think I explained quite succinctly in my 29th June announcement post why the bandwidth usage comparison won’t fly – freedom of movement vs the ability to plot a course once every 5 seconds. Erh, yeah. I wonder which will use more bandwidth.