The new Doctor

David Tennant makes a pretty good Doctor; he has some of the same failings as Peter Davison – in that he has to act (usually anger) it comes across more as a staged bark, a bit pantomime, so that I prefer the episodes where the Doctor is more of a character in the storyline. But those are the best Doctor Who’s anyway – when he most seems like just a passing, meddlesome timetraveller, throwing switches and pushing buttons and saying “What’s this do then?” as he turns the dial that causes every Dalek in the solar system to activate its self destruct.

He beats the previous Doctor hands down. If you watched episodes of the 2005 Dr Who and didn’t like it, the 2006 (David Tennant) episodes are far more like the old Doctor. You have to remember that the show is largely aimed at kids, and it leaks through in some stories more than others.

I think Doctor Who fans owe Michael Grade a debt of grattitude for taking the show off the air in ’87. It was going south badly. It had a good 18 year rest. Christopher Eccleston was a good one to break it back in, but best of all was the fact that David Tennant was even better.

Shame this season has ended, but thank goodness Stargate starts again next week. And Battlestar can’t be far off? Psych was pretty good. Blade the series seems to be aiming for a sort of male Buffy series, although they’ve got a backup plan with the female that Blade tries to rescue… So who knows.