CCP = CRS Iceland?

I forgot to close my petition for reimbursement of gear lost to the network outage, and here was the reply I got 9 hours later (glad I didn’t decide to wait for a reply :)

Unfortunately, we here at EVE Customer Support are at this point totally overrun with petitions. We cannot keep up, and must therefore unfortunately send everyone this response, where we ask if you are still having problems or if your case is solved at this point.

If your problem is still valid, then we apologise and ask you to reply to this and we’ll try and help you as quickly as we are able.
If not, then please ignore this completely, and the petition will close on its own.
Furthermore, even if your issue is still valid, we would like to ask you if you feel it is important enough to pursue, or if it is minor enough to ignore in order for us to be able to give better (and quicker) service to those with real game-stopping issues.

We really do apologise for this request, but at this point we have no other option.
We hope that you are continuing having fun playing EVE.

Best Regards,
The EVE Online Support Team

I forwarded it to Bloo, who subsequently had to be taken to hospital.

My unabated UI ramblings appear to have finally reached the ears of Killer, Gophur was asking me about wxWidgets earlier and why we hadn’t gone with that instead of developing Phui (for those scratching their heads, the Bloo reference was a segway back onto the WWIIOL topic).

I believe we looked at it and Vandal/Rickb decided against it because (a) it looks like the operating system OS, which isn’t what we want and (b) it expects to be the main loop of the application, (c) no obvious interop with full-screen OpenGL contexts.

On the flip side, its portable, its well supported, it has a good community behind it and it has a pretty good UI editor. We were originally basing PHUI on Xul, but the lack of a decent XUL editor left us adrift and we ended up with something else. (Another example of the Mozilla team crapping at the dinner table; lets design a cool UI language, and then promote how uneccessary a UI tool for editing it is because editing XML by hand is l33t3r! Mozilla devs are as ghey as generalisations. Except the Thunderbird team, who are gods amongst developers and so do not fear the Microsoft the way other Mozzies/Netscapiers do)

So we don’t want the game to be a windowed opengl context (I may be entirely wrong in believing that there can still be a performance hit for that), and if we make the opengl context full screen, Windows components won’t render infront of it, right?

And wxWidgets does seem to be skinnable, although I haven’t seen documentation on, say, stylesheets to make it easier or anything like that, and having to manually “skin” everything would be a dead stop.

As for the main loop part, I’m guessing the solution is to let the UI go ahead and be the main loop of the parent thread, and simply make the client a higher-priority second thread (or some variation thereof) and pass messages between the two. Slightly less efficient? Maybe not with today’s OSes and hardware.

Right. Off to do some more of Lost Legend of Lavastorm (I’m gathering bone shards) and I might stop by the new adventure pack again before bed.

Supper is Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers and Wingstop spicy bbq wings (boneless, I’ve never been crazy on meat on the bone, bad experience one time).

Eve’s last chance. Buhbye

I totally love space games. So I’ve been trying real hard to like Eve.

I logged out from EQ2 and decided to give Eve one final fling. I figured I had nearly enough money to buy a destroyer, and some equipment, and since I lost my last ship, well what’s to lose?

I sat in my chair drooling for nearly 3 hours as my ship slowly warped hither and thither, picking up this and that. This turret. That ammo. That launcher, shield booster, armor repairer, blah blah… Oh, and I guess I better spend my last isk on insuring my ship.

So now I’m broke. I guess I best do this Kill mission in a nice safe zone I’ve been given.

I arrive at the deadspace, four very low threat ships die to my barrage. Woot!

I gate in to the deadspace. “Serious” threats orbit bits of rock and metal pointlessly. I’m gonna destroy them! I charge in, and take out the first group of 3. It’s close, so I stop and recover all my energy before flying on in to the second group.

As I get to within 10km I’ve already half destroyed the first ship. This is going to be a doozy!

<Eve freezes up>

Uh oh. Has the server crashed again?

<After about 5s eve plays some firing sounds. And then hibernates again>


<Click on open space for the warp menu>
<More firing sounds after 5 seconds>
<Click again>
<3 more seconds and ‘The capacitor is empty’ sounds calmly>
<Warp menu appears, I mouse over a bookmark>
<Nothing for 5 seconds>
<A me being hit sound plays>
<A few more seconds pass>
<The bookmark expands to the next sub-menu>
<5 more seconds pass>
<A very “crunchy” sort of hit sound plays>
<Eve unfreezes>
<My pod stares back at me>
Erh, that’s pretty bad. The ship costs 910,000 isk. Insurance was 250,000. The equipment variously came to about 1,250,000 isk. Last time I died to an NPC it left all my stuff in a cargo container so … shouldn’t be too bad.

When you die, it sends you an email with the details of what happened. And, apparently, every last scrap of equipment and cargo on my ship was … destroyed.

Ok – so my stuff isn’t all destroyed. That’s just what it tells you. Apparently its sitting there in a cannister. Ok. So, take my freebie ship back into the deadspace. Sure enough, there’s a cannister in there. Hmm. It’s a bit close to those ships that were able to take out my destroyer. Well, that was lag wasn’t it.

So I fly on in towards my cannister. Nope. It seems that the enemy ships are orbiting it. I try and get close, I manage to open the cannister and yup there’s nearly all of my stuff! SWEET! I’ll lose 500kisk (insurance fees and shortfall) and be uninsured… But I should be ok.

BLAM. My freebie ship succumbs to the hail of fire its under. I spend 7,000 isk on a shuttle and hasten back. For 60 minutes I try and get in range of my cannister. I finally reach it again and … realize my shuttle has a pitiful cargo hold. I grab 100 ammunition rounds and warp the hell out of there. I drop them off at a station, spend a fortune on repairs, and fly back. It takes me another 30 minutes or so to get back in range again. This time I’m gonna grab a shield thingy, so I can maybe survive a little longer in my freebie and loot more stuff. I select the shield booster, drag it into my cargo hold and …

Get an error.

The cargo cannister dissapears, as does its inventory window. Timed out.

Around about the same moment, I get a response to my immediately-post-relog petition telling me that my equipment is not destroyed but should be waiting for me in a cannister where I died.

Ok. Ok. Enough. I’m finally motivated. Off to the accounts page we go. Unsubbed.