Uh oh

Thanks for doing your shopping online at Albertsons.com. In an effort to focus our attention on our in-store shopping experience, this service will no longer be available in your area as of July 21st. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

Bugger, I may actually have to learn to drive.

Every time I’ve had groceries delivered, someone from my complex has stopped me in the next day or two and asked me about it. They’ve invariably been interested in getting their shopping delivered too. It’s just so damn convenient, especially if (like many of them) you’ve got a fairly long commute to/from work, and its nice to be able to get home, wash some dishes, have your groceries arrive, unpack them and cook dinner.

But next time I’d bump into them they’d tell me how difficult they found the website.

It was so nearly there. It’s got great concepts and a couple of very excellent features, but what it lacks is in the final follow through. I have shopped albertsons on the following browsers: IE6 XP, IE7 XP, IE7 Vista, IE6 w2000, Firefox XP, Firefox 2000, Firefox Linux, Konqueror Linux, Netscape Linux. All of them run into the same set of bugs. The one time I talked to someone in Albertsons support, she spent 10 minutes going through, essentially, their BS list of things that might make the customer go away. “Nope, I’ve tried that”, “I don’t have any cookies, I *just* installed vista, this is my first visit to the site with this system, there are no cookies. This is the first site I’ve visited”, “This machine doesn’t have a firewall”, “This is a Linux machine that doesn’t have a registry to corrupt”.

I think in the end tho, all those little errors and – probably a very poor choice of hire to lead the marketing of the service – are what makes it not just a not-great experience to shop with but an absolutely terrible site to have to use. If I was driving, I’d have quit using it after the 3rd week, despite being an online storewhore.


And they aren’t trying to monetize their erstwhile relationship with you by encouraging you in the direction of someone else that offers a similar/competing online service?

They’re just blithely assuming that you were really a “normal” in-store customer all along, and when they stop this silly experiment they’ve been doing with online shopping you’ll just head back to the store?

I gather that they must never have asked you how you shopped before you started buying from them, and how you’d shop if you stopped buying from them.

They dont know their customers very well, do they?

How long have you been in the states now?

And living here in TX. That is saying a lot. Hope you have a grocery store that is within walking distance. I can bet that it won’t be an Albertsons.

Sadly, it is an Albertsons. It’s about a 5-7 minute walk.

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