Bridge at Remagen: The man who didn’t bomb it

That’s not a criticism, at least not once you’ve read his story. Actually, the whole site is full of some fascinating transcripts from his diaries.

He also relates a very timely incident at Bastogne

Luger Farming

So apparently you do want to discuss RMT concepts as they apply to WWIIOL. Well, there aren’t really any items in WWIIOL, so I think its a bit of a dead concept.

I┬áthink making binos available to newbies should be something achieved via loadouts, with an increasing loadout capacity as you rank up, so that when you reach rank X it becomes possible to have gun, ammo, ammo, binos, etc, but until a certain point you get the option of gun + ammo or gun + bino. So newbie player can spawn a rifleman and get one clip of rounds to fire, but he gets the advantage of having binos to help him learn to shoot it. When he wants to run out with gun + ammo (i.e. a few extra clips) he has to drop the bino. But that’s ok, he’s gotten over that initial and most painful hump by then.

When we rolled out paratroopers, I felt that we missed an opportunity for some extra one-time revenue. Mixed in with a few other features, we could have made paratroopers and transport craft a mini-expansion. Something folks pay a one time $9.95 fee to activate but get automatically when they buy a BE box. Everyone can see paratroopers, but to be one you gotta have the expansion option. When UMSes got added, add them on that option (only regular MSPing for the rest of yas).

I don’t think we can sell combat items tho – nothing that puts a price to PvP success. We can’t have Side-Q losing because they have an impoverished player demographic.

We could, maybe, see enhancements like an advanced squad interface, with a small, monthly, per-squad fee. We’d need to provide a fair suite of features to it tho. Maybe built in squad-voice comms hosted by CRS. Maybe offer upto 16 squad decals up for auction so that the top-bidding squads get to have their choice of graphic for their decal each campaign…

This isn’t an official “consideration”.

Woah there, Nelly

Nobody (to my knowledge) is contemplating RMT for WWII Online/Battleground Europe. My discussion of the topic is merely a spin-off of my general interest in game development in general.

Although now you lot have suggested it … $5 for binos and $10 for a map? Hmm.