EQ2, Eve, MUD and Care packages

Played some EQ2 Friday night before Stargate. The thought that’s been bothering me about EQ2 for the longest time now finally expressed itself: Linkage. I have a quest book full of green quests that I still struggle to do, I find it difficult finding someone to group with to do them because (a) my guild are all in a different timezone (and I miss ya all, even Hoggy), (b) my guild merged with another, very cool guild, for raiding, and I’m not invested enough to get into raiding, but I won’t get that invested unless I invest myself enough to raid.

Linkage? Well I don’t have enough quests in any one zone to create a fun time there. No, I really don’t want to go to Everfrost to kill 80 swimmy blobs that come in threes, and chances of finding someone to group for that are slim. I have a second quest there to kill infinite numbers of goblins until a named one spawns, but it means clearing an area and I hate doing that only to have a group of players 15 levels lower turn up having hacked and slashed their way across Everfrost only to find some bloody level 58 wiping the area out.

I hatewatching the “Are They Killing Everything?” dance. The cleric on the horse turning every which way, the guy with the big sword running to the edge of the little islands and peeking across the water, while the chick in the dress is clearly standing there typing “Do you want me to port us somewhere else?” and checking her quest journal. That’s the shit that makes me want to work on MMOs. Those guys are adventuring, killed by me camping, and the game made me do it.

These green quests can still kick my ass, so while I might have 3 green quests in Lavastorm, I can only do one of them, and I really don’t feel like that long a trek to kill 16 basalt rumblers which I have to clear every kind of basalt/rumbler named mob in order to spawn, only to find that some other lamer has been waiting for a prat like me to come along and do that for them, and no, they don’t want to group thanks.

Linkage??? Yes. Linkage. All those quests, so many zones, but no real purpose. Now, I happen to know that EQ2 probably hasplenty for me to do there. I’ve just forgotten it. The “!” over NPCs heads went a long way to helping. But it’s still missing something to knit me into the storyline. “Come back later”. Since I’m big on journals and logs, wouldn’t I make a note of that? Some way to get hooked back into storylines I’ve skipped — whether its a mail from NPCs sometimes, or a bartender who’ll direct me towards zones or NPCs where I have unfinished or new business available, or just an entry in my journal that comes back as “Revisit Katrina the Prawn Peeler in Qeynos Harbor” when the right time comes.

So I logged back out of EQ2. One of my new-guild mates left in favor of a slightly lower level guild and asked me if I wanted to join them. I don’t want to leave my guild, but if I were applying for this guild I wouldn’t make the cut so – maybe I should? (Laccy will be pissed, although he’ll reply and say ‘No I won’t mate’ but he lies!).

I fired up Eve to make sure my account was closed. It’s weird. I had no inclination to log in or play Eve, but it still sort of smarted when it said “Account closed”. Weirdo. It’s probably because I miss some of the tunes.

I’d been talking to Bloo about my old MUD language for the Amiga, and showing him a crappy partial port I’d done to Unix (called SMUGL; I was going to post a link but that probably warrants its own post). And I got to that old reminiscing…

So off I went to MUD2.com, but they charge so I decided to really reminisce and headed all the way back to British Legends(an Americanized port of the 1985 version of MUD1, slightly after my time and with a few modernisations, but a very few), and recreated the character I first played MUD as: Lunitac. Alas, I’ve lost his password so when I decided to play again I switched to a more recent name, Lungar. Sadly I got pk’ed rather a lot so I’ve not made much progress. The one guy pk’ing me isn’t very high level, he seems to have another character lurking because his timing is impeccable so that he always gets to kill me in only one or two hits.

All the same, it’s a fun little world – although mostly because its empty. MUD1 vs MUD2 differ mainly by size, MUD1 having 300 rooms and therefore an awful lot of competition for content if there are two players in the level 1-5 bracket at the same time. The game resets every so often to restart but while playing over the weekend I saw quite a few “new” guys get bored of wandering around an empty but nicely described world.

“DerKiwi”s desperately needed care package of tea-bags and Wotsits arrived, thanks a ton man :) Wotsits are excellent munchies for that downtime between coding bursts. Those Wotsits will translate directly into WWIIOL coding fuel :)

I’d ordered a bunch of other stuff too and wasn’t expecting it to arrive for a while but apparently customs don’t hold stuff up so long when its this hot. So we have a prett good spread of junk foods set up in the kitchen here right now :) Wotsits, Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Balti Chicken flavored crisps, Flapjacks (well received) and several Robinsons’ drinks and the general favorite: Bombay trail mix. (I tried to get some of the Tesco’s Thai/Japanese cracker mixes, but apparently they’re an xmas rarity. Humbug)

Tea drinker’s postscript: I noticed that some of the tea-samplers I got had “Earl Grey’s tea”. I’m guessing this is probably a way of explaining why it “tastes like Earl Grey” rather than actually being (and thus tasting exactly like) Earl Grey tea?


More Wotsits for that man! =)

It would be nice to have a squire in a MMORPG game that could be tasked for zone recon. He could come back with creature details, maps, and most importantly, a list of quests for your level which could be accepted just by talking to your squire. Of course for quests that involve carrying an item, or the questgiver being in a remote area, the first step of the quest would actually be talking directly to the questgiver.

Squires – Made with Real Cheese Taste

There can be only one New MMO.

A Real Time Fighting and Trading Space MMO.
Not a click on the enemy fighting game like EVEQ2.

But a dogfighting in space in real time, pirates, police, Space Navies, and Space Marines Conquest and Trading game in the image of Elite.

When this arrives the Earth will shake in anticipation.

You gotta Watch that DerKiwi bloke. He’s got that evil New Zeelandish good-guy personality disorder. Wish I got to fly with him more :-)

I recently started on the euro pvp server as an SK in eq2, I joined a danish squad that I used to know in EQ and I’ve got upto L37 in 4 days play time (inc L25 Woodworker). I’ve out levelled a lot of quests in the early zones commonlands, wailing caves etc without completing them.

If I come across a quest I’ll do some of it, if I don’t complete it, I don’t bother.

The good thing about pvp is that you’re always on the look out for the enemy who are a lot more agile than AI (as you’d guess).

Welcome back to MUD2 Lunitac. Look forward to fighting you once you get your skills back up! Or just chilling out in the tea room. PS No Earl Grey, it’s Darjeeling for us! Hawumph (the onomatopoeic arch-wizard, mudii.co.uk)

No I won’t, mate!

Punctuation, proves lies!

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