Crappy stats

Still regretting, see? So I’m looking at my blog’s puny stats. Oddly I get a lot of referrals from and But I couldn’t help but chuckle when I was looking at the search terms… Following in Lum’s footsteps, here are some of the most common and/or esoteric:

Sit & Regret: Post-EVE note

As I sit here, regretting spicy chicken wings, I’m browsing around on my laptop, and I notice I finally got a response to my Eve /petition:

2006.07.28 06:19:00   GM Markab
After an investigation, we have now returned the ship to your hangar. Some items might be missing from the ship (the ones left in loot container), and those we are unfortunately unable to replace. Note that we have removed the insurance payout you received for the ship loss. Further details are available in your character’s eve-mail inbox. Thank you for your patience.

17 day turn around. Guess the Free Trial has killed their tech support guys. Feel any better, Bloo?

I’ve died

Which means that I now qualify for life.

Earlier today I took a short break from working on hulks, to try and notch up a couple thousand points on MUD1, having lost my character at the rank of Enchanter (it’s a rank, not a class, in MUD1) and his ~25,000 points on Tuesday night when I lost my network connection (The irony of my trip down memory lane being spoiled by a CTHL…)

I’d just about done gathering this and that, when it started to rain (uh, in the game). I had been about to go sailing, but the waters around The Land are lethal when its raining. So I decided to finish one last quest before logging. And then I was dead.