Sit & Regret: Post-EVE note

As I sit here, regretting spicy chicken wings, I’m browsing around on my laptop, and I notice I finally got a response to my Eve /petition:

2006.07.28 06:19:00   GM Markab
After an investigation, we have now returned the ship to your hangar. Some items might be missing from the ship (the ones left in loot container), and those we are unfortunately unable to replace. Note that we have removed the insurance payout you received for the ship loss. Further details are available in your character’s eve-mail inbox. Thank you for your patience.

17 day turn around. Guess the Free Trial has killed their tech support guys. Feel any better, Bloo?



Only 17? You lucky sod.

You play eve kfs1? Maybe we should hook up and play

Eve definitly wasn’t elite. Wasn’t even X-space. At least X-space gave you that live combat feel at times.

Ahh eveonoline.

The only massive multi single player online game.

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