Ramp’s stuff looking good…

A long time ago, I added a whole bunch of sortie statistics to the “Mission Results” packet, but then Ramp got derailed by one of Rafter’s evil plots and it never got added to teh AAR screen.

Rafter was on vacation last week, so we knew we had a whole week of Ramp time, and I was all set to bust Gophur/Ramp’s chops to get the darn stats onto the AAR screen. Fortunately, Ramp’s just been waiting for a long enough slice of time to actually give it a decent treatment. And so far it’s looking good. Well, any presentation of this long-needed info would look good. It’s just a list, and some stats, and a general improvement to the AAR screen and possibly a fix for some of those “Waiting for mission results” states (there did seem to be a quirk in the way the client handled the messages so that it could decide it needed the results *after* having processed them).

Ok, so I’m blogging about someone else’s work. I’ve been contributing! Little things like “How about we not color-code the missions differently than everything else?” so attack missions are the same color as we color town names that are attack objectives, and defense missions … go on, guess.

We’re also adding resupply missions, although that is purely informational just now unless I can afford to divert a little more time into them. It’s mostly so that when you post a mission you can see what are valid types. You can only choose a Resupply mission type from your current DivHQ TO your BrigadeHQ.

TOE stuff paused while we get a few of the other features into open beta, and yes, its possible TOEs might be 1.24.x where x is > 0, but they will be in 1.24.

I’m currently trying to find a way to add the Squad Name to player data we send you, without increasing the size of the player data.