Ramp’s stuff looking good…

A long time ago, I added a whole bunch of sortie statistics to the “Mission Results” packet, but then Ramp got derailed by one of Rafter’s evil plots and it never got added to teh AAR screen.

Rafter was on vacation last week, so we knew we had a whole week of Ramp time, and I was all set to bust Gophur/Ramp’s chops to get the darn stats onto the AAR screen. Fortunately, Ramp’s just been waiting for a long enough slice of time to actually give it a decent treatment. And so far it’s looking good. Well, any presentation of this long-needed info would look good. It’s just a list, and some stats, and a general improvement to the AAR screen and possibly a fix for some of those “Waiting for mission results” states (there did seem to be a quirk in the way the client handled the messages so that it could decide it needed the results *after* having processed them).

Ok, so I’m blogging about someone else’s work. I’ve been contributing! Little things like “How about we not color-code the missions differently than everything else?” so attack missions are the same color as we color town names that are attack objectives, and defense missions … go on, guess.

We’re also adding resupply missions, although that is purely informational just now unless I can afford to divert a little more time into them. It’s mostly so that when you post a mission you can see what are valid types. You can only choose a Resupply mission type from your current DivHQ TO your BrigadeHQ.

TOE stuff paused while we get a few of the other features into open beta, and yes, its possible TOEs might be 1.24.x where x is > 0, but they will be in 1.24.

I’m currently trying to find a way to add the Squad Name to player data we send you, without increasing the size of the player data.



More good news!

These little ‘fixes/additions’ will go down very well with the playerbase.
Most of them seam to think these are things you can do in a spare 5 mins, without actuyaly realising they you guys don’t generaly have 5 minutes to spare, let along the time these things actual take to do.

So how are TOE’s coming along? Any realy nasty gremlins appeared, or is it just a case of wading through the work?

Good news cant wait!

The “Waiting for mission results” is annoying and often leaves me unable to join another mission forcing me to restart the game. A fix would be welcome.

The only time I CTD is when I try to bring up the map too soon after spawning in. I need to curb my impatience but want to know where in the devil I am when I spawn off someones mobile spawn and often hit the map button too soon.

What a file on everyones computer with the nicknames of ALL players and theyr squad name? :)

If everyplayer has a playerID, instead of sending to clients the player/squad name, you sent the playerID, the client search the database and display the current info.

Maybe the database only contains the current suscribed players, and instead of adding/removing IDs or sending the list every log, the client says to the server: my last ID here is 234323. Server: ok, take this new ones starting from 234324.

If you are playing and the client see a ID without info, it could request this userID and add it to the database…

Just an idea.

Not sure, but maybe you can earn a few bits…

I doubt they would want a big list of people stored on the pc. It would be too easy to get into and “mine interesting data” from. Plus you would have to worry about keeping it up to date with people comming and going, so you would have to often go out the refresh the data anyway.

However, I imagine this would be a place where a little client side caching might be in order. In other words, once you know Lt Bob is a member of TheKewlKids then you can probably store that locally until you reconnect. Yeah, is he leaves the squad in the middle of you session you will be out of date, but, I can’t imagine that would be much a problem.

Of course, I know nothing about their current message types, which internal systems they come from, what those systems actually know about the players, what the message sizes are and how much wiggle room they have, what their current desktop footprint is and how expensive “storing stuff locally” is.

So, basically, I have no idea what I am talking about. If Party Poker wasn’t down I probably wouldn’t even be posting…

Keep Buggering On kfsone!

AMpos, please read this carefully and do not take offense, don’t feel reprimanded or insulted or shunned. Please don’t read beyond the words that I write…

You show some of the characteristics neccessary in a good programmer – an automatic breakdown of insurmountable problems into ones you can handle, and a knack for evaluating problems and solutions.

But, I strongly suspect you do a lot of work with languages like Visual Basic or, god forbid, Blitz Basic or the sort.

This is the point I wanted to make to you: I strongly recommend that you consider investing in learning and actively using a lower-level language like C++ if you have long-term aims to be a developer, particularly a game developer. I’m not suggesting that you drop whatever language/system you currently work with or trying to discredit their ability to achieve functionality

Think of it this way — scripted languages like VB, BB, JavaScript etc, can be a good way to learn the basics of analytical programming, but they can also teach you very bad habbits as a programmer. It’s like learning all the parts of a language except the tenses or perhaps the adjectives or something.

In this and other threads you’ve asked questions intelligently, showing that you know something about programming, but they have been way out of left field – more so than the non-programmers who hang out here, which is why I suspect you spend a lot of time in a basic language where you are learning programming concepts without any of the theory you would gain from working in a lower-level language.

I hope that comes across in a positive fashion, I absolutely don’t mean to discourage or offend or belittle you.

But here are the answers to your questions.

a/ That database would be very big,
b/ That would mean dumping a miniature copy of our customer database onto your machine, nothing any MMO wants to do,
c/ A large database like that means hefty, client-side, disk and memory operations just to find a record, or creating a massive sparse disk file, neither of which is a great idea,
d/ If a player changes his squad, we would either have to send you the whole database again or implement a diff engine for maintaing these databases, and we would have to do it “live” while you are connected so that when a guy joins your squad people rapidly see the change reflected on screen without having to wait 72 hours or log out or restart their PC,
e/ Instead of using 48 bits to send you a name in one packet, I now have to send you a 64 bit permanent user ID for you to match the player against, as well as an entire system for maintaining a persistant database between the client/server and all the related activities that go with it.


It was just an idea :-p

And yes, I starting programming in Basic on an old Commodore Vic-20 and step into 6502/6510 machine language, later 68000 on the Amiga, plus AMOS Basic. Later Blitz Basic on Amiga and on PC. Still some Turbo Basic on PCs for some msdos apps.

Never learned C/C++, as I dont have the neeed. As you said, for my current and future projects they are all I need. I have dream always been a big game programmer, but at my 36, wife and 2 childrens, no way :( I would love to be you… so, if lotto wants to, I could be your boss ;)

Love to read your blog, and I love to share ideas, although upto date you have not used none of them… so, another shoot:

what about having dead bodies on a client side, similar to radial clutter? Nothing else but candy, no hide, nothing. In the prefs you choose: how many dead bodies? -None, a few, many, a lot, insane.

S***, you are on the wrong side of the client! :D

Still, you could send a TOC of squads for that side, and simply refer to that in the data.

I’m guessing 512 squads/side will be enough. Squad data is (I pressume) rather static in nature. So you don’t suddenly have a huge increase in squads unless the players gang up and tries to kill the server.

That means send a toc of rougly 3k. Then add a 9 bit squadidx to the package.

Kfsone whilst you & Ramp are looking at the mission stuff can you see why the new northern towns don’t show up on your mission results.

If you create a mission at say Dussen, when you get your mission results & in the CS&R it has the Origin as blank.

KFS1 do you think it would be possible to get mission points for completing a resupply mission?

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