Doh, talked myself out of lunch

Couple of players – chaos33 and tincap – swung by the office and Doc is leading a Lunchtime Raid on Bennigans. I’m starving but I’d promised to have the squad names in the vehicle updates within a couple of hours, and as usual I found the host sneakily hinders rather than co-operates in a critical section (the squadnames aren’t on the right host right now).




Squad names in vehicle updates? I don’t see why. Does this mean you intend to display squad tags over peoples heads? I would say 90% of the time I display unit type tags in game and only check names momentarily.

Egbert, it will be cool to see what squads you’re playing alongside (and who your opposing squads were in CS&R). Squad vs squad stats?

Because we’ve been trying to give squads some recognition for a long time. It’ll be an icon mode, it’ll show the *short* name of the squad (8 characters). Cool for screenshots, if nothing else, and it only took an average 3 bit increase in the vehicle announce update that we send when you see a new vehicle.

I would say 90% of the time I display unit type tags in game and only check names momentarily.

I would say, from the bulk of screenshots I’ve seen, that you’re not the norm that way.

Damn google. I just looked up Bennigans, having never heard of it. Now I’m hungry as hell!!! :D

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