Bugs, apparently.

I was able to drop hulks in pretty easily, and despite my annoyance at not having time to think about it, the STO system is robust and well defined enough that even I couldn’t break it. On the other hand, we’ve had all sorts of problems with hulks so far, but on the client end. Hulks on bridges are a no go because we don’t actually know where bridges are except on the client, and we don’t know, therefore, if a hulk is on a bridge. Uhm.

Had a few quirks with Ramp’s new squad stuff, but whatcha think to this?

(Do me a favor, por favor :) Don’t rush and tell your friends about this, don’t post it on your forums, don’t rush to the Playnet forums and link to my blog. See it, enjoy it, bask in your privelidgeness…)


If your initial reaction is “ugh”, I know, it’s not pretty, but it is functional, and when you actually get your hands on what Ramp has done with 1.24 so far, I think you’re gonna likey a lot, even if it chunky/up-sized scale of it (it’s all designed to work in 800×600) makes you wonder if you’re playing transport tycoon.

Knocked a bunch of little irks out of the way today, including an extension to the weather which is variable haze – aka fog patterns. Basically each weather pattern has 3 fog patterns that go with it, giving us 9 overall weather patterns.

And I had a bug in my squad-name icons system; the decision was always being based on whether or not the previous viewer should have been able to see the tag. Whoopsie!

I made a quick start on a GM tool for changing squad names, but I got sidetracked into propogating the whole squad id / squad name data in order for that to work, but with that done I may even finish that up from home tonight.

It’s good having something actually in beta, and I should be back on TOEs again start of next week if not sooner.


I sure hope changing squad short names is going to be possible/easy. I don’t know how common it is, but I know Dog Co is actually ‘coldstrm’. I wonder how many other squads are running on now-incorrect short names.

So does the above tell us that hulks in fact will exist on bridges because there’s no way to discern on the server that the hulk in fact is on a bridge?

I’m confused.

Is this server/client information-location issue essentially identical to why downed bridges cannot affect supply flow through the supply link mesh?

Looks nice! I was wondering if it would be an improvement to include the flags in columns in the left hand view? Or are there too many flags of interest to make this practical?

How do the Mission/Brigade Join buttons work if you’re logged in to a different side to your squaddie?

BTW Re: putting the Mission Leader status in a column in the left hand list view – that’d be a pretty good column to sort the list on, IMHO. Assuming the practicality as mentioned above.

I think the squad tab should be moved to the left side of the screen, to emphasize the fact that it is an important page…as we do read left to right.

I hope it works on a pr SIDE not pr COUNTRY basis. So I can see and join other squad members without backing out to change persona to french infantry to join squadleader if he went french to help protect tienen.

Shh. Everyone hide. I sent Ramp a link to read some of the comments. Best not let him know ya’ll dig on his work, he’ll get aspirations.

My eyes! My beautiful, beautiful eyes!!
(I prefer the old link color, even though this blue goes better with the header)

Ya, I clicked on the link in my favorites and the first thing that jumped out was the baby blue color.

Fantastic stuff. When I was still in a squad, this was without doubt my most wished for feature. Great to see it being implemented. The squad name thing will be great for recruitment too.

Do STO hulks give some kind of visual indication that they are about to be removed from the game world? Maybe stop smoking 30 seconds before dissapearing or something? I’d hate to be an LMG using one for cover only for it to be removed without warning.

Ah, I do like the darker blue. Very pleasant.

How is called the Rat squad? :)

Seriously, on this screen, it miss at least the Squad name…

Maybe instead of “Squad members” it should read “Squad ‘large name’ members (‘short name’)”.

Squad 250 Hispana Members (250H)

Yeah, we know in what squad we are, but we like to have big egos…

The squad details have been moved to the right hand side, so when you click on someone’s name to see the persona details, it overlays the squad details.

Hulk on bridge wouldn’t be too bad of a grief, IF another tank can push it off, or a sapper could remove it

Hulk on bridge wouldn’t be too bad of a grief, IF another tank can push it off, or a sapper could remove it, or bomb it away
Corection Hulk at the bridge entrance

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